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Clyde Gloaming & Night Flies, The Big Flee!

The famed Big Flee of Clyde Legend.

Sanny started my fly tying apprenticeship which is still ongoing. I use his flies as they still work, are great to tie and look at!
Wee Sanny was a great man and fisher of the Avon, so much that his ashes were scattered on the river he loved so much. My friends and I enjoyed his company so much, his stories amazed us and keep us going to this day, poaching, his goat as ayoungster, and above all catching fish. He did offer us to learn to tie longnets, how I wish I’d taken up his offer!

Gloaming Flies, size 12 hook!

1. Black Spider; yellow or black silk body, red rib, black hackle with gold bar in centre.
2. Guinea Fowl wing, black hackle, yellow body.
3. Blue Feltie(fieldfare) wing, olive hackle, yellow body.
4. Plain Corncrake wing(ginger Partridge tail), red hackle, yellow body.
5. Teal wing, red hackle, yellow body.
Night flies, size 8 or 10 hook!
1. Teal wing, red hackle, yellow body.
2. Hen Pheasant wing, red hackle, yellow body, silver rib.
3. Hen Pheasant wing, black hackle, yellow body, silver tinsel rib.
4. Owl wing, cream badger hackle, natural wool body, gold or silver rib!
5. Teal wing, red hackle, rough hare lug body, gold tinsel rib.
6. Craw(crow) wing, black hackle, silver rib on yellow body!
7. Partridge tail wing, red hackle, hare lug body, gold tinsel rib.
8. Duck Tip, peacock herl body, cockie bundie hackle, Mallard blue with white tip, silver tag behind wing.
9. Magpie Tail,peacock erl body, cockie bundie hackle, magpie tail wing.
10. Teal Red, red silk body, teal wing, dark ginger hackle,
11. Stank Hen, black thread, yellow body, black hackle, stank hen wing, silver tag behind wing.
12. Corncrake, brown thread, harelug body, gold rib, ginger hackle, corncrake wing.
13. Teal Green, green grass thread body, black hackle, barred teal wing.

14. Craw Silver, black thread, silver body, craw wing, cockie bundie hackle.
15. Patric Tail, body yellow thread, gold rib, black hackle, patric tail wing.
16. Craw Cockie bundie, black thread, body peacock herl, craw wing, cockie bundie hackle, silver tag at rear.
17. Brown Owl Wing, yellow body, pale blue or yellow body, silver rib tinsel.
18. Woodcock wing, thread yellow, rough hare body, ginger hackle, barred woodcock wing.

Owls are protected unless a road casualty of an unfortunate is obtained, Corncrake's are now extinct in Lanarkshire, The Uist's have a slight population of migrants. Use ginger Partridge tail,  or dyed starling.

Lanarkshire Bird Names.
Cockie Bundie is Cochy y bhondhu, Craw is Crow, Patric Partridge, Stank hen is Moorhen, Feltie is Fieldfare.


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