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“Fish Fair n Free, But Spare the Wee Yins”

Inscribed on Monument to Matthew Mckendrick, Postmaster and founder member of UCAPA, on a site by the The River Clyde by Abington, Upper Lanarkshire.

‘Tight Lines!’

Our list of Clyde wet and dry flies, they are listed by season giving you a few for your box for the whole year.

Not everyone is required, many such as Teal & Black, Guineafowl & Black are the same flies from different Parishes of Lanarkshire.

Wet Winged Clyde Style Flies.


Dark Blae & Harelug, Dark Geenwell, Blae & Black,
March Brown, Teal & Black, Dark Blackie,
Magpie Tail, Dark Olive, Rough Olive,
Starling Tip, Yellow of Mavis (Thrush), Border Greenwell dark,
Orange Blackie, Starling White Tip, Pheasant tail & black,
Speckled partridge & Black, Guinea Fowl & Black, Cock Pheasant tail & Black.


Light Greenwell,
Light Blae & Harelug, Young Stukkie & Harelug (Starling),
Young Stukkie & Olive, Grannom,
Down Looker, Saltoun, Lark & Grey,
Hen Blackie, Blue Dun, Fern Fly, Wren & Yellow,
Blae & Light Olive, Teal & Red, Blae & Ginger,
Cran Swallow, Woodcock & Harelug, Clyde Sandfly,
Corncrake, Barred Corncrake, Magpie Tail,
Blae & Black, White Tip, Light Olive,
Woodcock & Red, Woodcock & Orange, Shilfie Tip, (chaffinch),

Blae is the Blue/Grey feather from many of our birds, Starling, Snipe, Waterhen, dark and light colours from outside or inside of wing.

Spider Wet Clyde Style Flies.


Partridge & Orange, March Brown, Snipe & Purple,
Dark Greenwell, Stewarts Black Spider, Black Spider with gold rib,
Waterhen Bloa, Dark Watchett, Woodcock & Rusty,
Partridge & Orange (peacock herl head), Woodcock & Orange, (herl head),


Stewarts Dun Spider, Stewarts Red Spider, Grouse & Gold,
Plover Harelug, Woodcock & Yellow, Murray’s Blue Bottle,
Partridge & Yellow, Stewarts Black Spider, Blue & Yellow, (blue dun),
July Dun, Red Tag, (wool or feather tail), Waterhen Bloa,
Coch y Bhondu, (cockie bundie), Woodcock & Harelug, Grouse & Harelug,


Once the seasons start to turn we go back to our darker fly colours, though fishing being fishing like the seasons there is no guarentee!

Spider Dry Clyde Style Flies.


March Brown, Dark Greenwell, Iron Blue Dun,
Dark Olive, Large Dark Olive, Black Spider,
Pheasant Tail, Dark Patrich (Partridge) & orange, Grey duster,
Badger & Black, Black & Olive,


Dun Blue, Light Greenwell, Light Olive,
Blue Winged Olive, Medium Olive, Clyde Sandfly,
Black Spider, Greyhen & Rusty, Murray’s Blue Bottle,
Black & Yellow, Pale Watery. Light Partridge & Yellow,
Red Spider, Blue Dun Yellow,

Grey Partridge hackle
(a yellow body with a either of an olive, ginger or black cock hackle behind the partridge at front),

Scot’s grey or Grey Hen hackle a cream hackle with black or brown bar across feather known as Plymouth rock or grizzle!
(use with a yellow, red, or orange body),

Badger hackle Family, cream/white edge black centre
(use with a yellow, red, green, purple, rusty or orange body),

Badger & Harelug,
Sannie’s Scots Grey & brown body,

Spider dry flies may have a wing added with pleasure!

Winged Clyde Style Dry Flies.

Light Greenwell, Dark Greenwell, Lark & Grey,
Border Greenwell, (grey hen hackle),August Dun, Pale Evening Dun,,
Light Olive, Dark Rough Olive, Blue Winged Olive, Blae & Hoolet, (Owl),

These Dry Flies are mostly tied traditional Style winged with blae feathers, Parachute style can be tied or Spider Dry Flies can all have a wing added.

Gloaming/Night Flies,(The Big Flee)!

Cinnamon & Gold, Woodcock & Hare lug, Stank Hen, Magpie Tail Gold/Silver, Crow & Silver,
Duck Tip, Teal & Hare lug, Hen Pheasant & Hare lug, Guinea Fowl & Yellow, Owl & yellow
Sedge, Crow Cockie Bundie



"Some of our flies are you may note are tied from feathers from protected Birds such as Corncrake or Blackbird, as we are bird lovers there is no way we would harm a living bird for the sake of some feathers hence we use substitute feathers"!


Clyde Style Fly Lists


Having looked through the list of flies and their pictures you will notice how delicate the flies are, just like those from the river and it's surroundings.

Many flies catch that bit better after being used on many occasions losing dressing material along the way, the slim fly from Lanarkshire has that lack of material and delicacy to start with, as a natural fly is blessed.

some flies you will notice are those famous from other parts of the country as travel became easier hence passing on of fly ideas or having the same name but a different dressing style. The same idea and knowledge of a slim fly is given the same usage.

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