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Welcome to Real Clyde Style Flies.

Welcome Fishers or anyone who has chanced on my site and please enjoy and relax whilst browsing the pages which tell the tale mainly of The Famous Clyde Style Fly and North Country Spider styles of Fly fishing.

Reading the pages will hopefully enhance the knowledge to the reader of the history of these magnificent river flies of the Clyde and the famed North Country style and the delight of this simple style of fly fishing. Alongside advice on tackle, flies and baits once used with those still in use today on our rivers and carried worldwide!

We only use the best of materials for our flies, some flies now require the need to use a substitute feather and no difference will be seen, why use less when we can use the best not just for ourselves but anyone else who loves these lovely flies of yesterday which still work wonders today.

Please feel free to ask about anything on our site or any tips you may have, we will happily answer as soon as we can. If we don't know or are unsure we will try to find out for you.


The art of fly tying from the Clyde style has been used as my favourite since I first learned in the mid 1980's from some of the old lads of my home village of Stonehouse in rural Lanarkshire, they learnt from old lads of their time and I have loved every minute since. Sadly now these old lads are off to the big fishing in the sky but their flies and methods hopefully won't be forgotten.


We are now creeping into the time of year when the season gets exiting after a year of late spring and very dry early and late summer this year abd this being the same, heres hoping we get a season for the water being a steady height.

Many thanks for taking the time to enjoy the site and any suggestions would be appreciated. 


A message on our guestbook from you would make us thank you for your time browsing.

Post cost. 

The nature of the site means that each fly for sale has the post included which cannot be altered. Post cost for multiple items is automatically refunded to your paypal account as soon as possible or email or call for advice and an invoice of cost, so please do not worry about being over charged. More information contact 07369226955  or email dtorrance2@gmail.com.

We wish everyone well at present after which has been a hard year for everyone.

Hopefully now the weather is picking up and restrictions on travel will be lifting soon we can now safely get a few days on the rivers.

Fishing locally last year I found new Trout lies on the River Garnock which I enjoyed. I gave the river a go Friday last with the moving of one fish on a dog hair bug though it was extremelly cold, a flask of srewed tea goes a long way to heating up the chilled bones.

Take care everyone this year and keep safe.

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