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Living Global Citizenship

GATHERING (3) 2020

Here is the url for a 28 minute video from the Breakfast Cafe Conversation of the 27th March 2020 where we are talking about I~You and other relationships in our Living Theory research:

GATHERING (2) 2019

13th April 2019 - JW Report  Living Theory research making a difference in communities and organisations: continuing conversations.’ A report on the 13th April 2019 gathering hosted by Rachael Burgess in Bath UK

Session 1: Introduction - Living Posters

Session 2: Wiki

Session 3: Enhancing Educational Influences

Session 4: Research Methodologies

Session 5:  Creating Futures

Follow up action post Gathering (2) - Democracy Cafe

My reflections on the Sailsbury Democracy Cafe 8 June 2019

Sailsbury Democracy Cafe Report 8 June 2019

Sailsbury Democracy Cafe Report May 2019

Coombes Potts Whitehead book - Living Global Citizenship

Mark Potts - Poster

Mark Potts Thesis - How can I Reconceptualise International Educational Partnerships as a Form of 'Living Citizenship'?

Mark Potts - Presenting at BERA 2013

GATHERING (1) 2017

4th February 2017 - JW Report  Report on the CARN study day/Pre-conference workshop on the 4th February, 2016, hosted by Rachael Burgess in Bath, for the ‘1st Global Assembly for Knowledge Democracy: towards an ecology of knowledges’ in Cartegena on the 16th June 2017

2017 Programme

Action Research in a TIme of Crisis by Lonnie Rowell

Budd Hall Questions (Knowledge Democracy ref & Willam's response email)

At the end of his keynote to the 2015 ARNA keynote, Budd Hall asked himself the following questions:

1. How do I ‘decolonize’, ‘deradicialise,’ demasculanise and degender my inherited ‘intellectual spaces?’ 

2. How do I support the opening up of spaces for the flowering of epistemologies, ontologies, theories, methodologies, objects and questions other than those that have long been hegemonic, and that have exercised dominance over (perhaps have even suffocated) intellectual and scholarly thought and writing? 

3. How do I contribute to the building of new academic cultures and, more widely, new inclusive institutional cultures that genuinely respect and appreciate difference and diversity – whether class, gender, national, linguistic, religious, sexual orientation, epistemological or methodological in nature? 

4. How do I become a part of creating the new architecture of knowledge that allows co- construction of knowledge between intellectuals in academia and intellectuals located in community settings?   (Hall, 2015, p.12)

Bluffers Guide



Jacinda Adhern - article on leadership in the current crisis

Austerity in the Age of Covid-19: A Match Made in Hell - published by the Oxford Research Group and positioning the current crisis in the context of the neo-liberal agenda may be of interest: Author Paul Rogers - Oxford Research Group's Senior Fellow in International Security and Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford.

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