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Olave, Lady Baden-Powell, World Chief Guide, travelled all over the globe to encourage and enthuse Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in the Movement, and also to encourge girls to join - and "girls" of ANY age - for the Movement has always been short of Leaders.  Every unit has a long waiting list.

Just before the Second World War, an Internationl meeting of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, aware that War was imminent, agreed that the Movement was above that; that their friendship and sisterhood would continue. 

And indeed, during the War, Guiding had continued throughout Occupied Europe, usually clandestinely, but following D-Day, as more and more countries were liberated, so word got out - the closed doors were opening.

And in April 1945 - before the War was completely over - the World Chief Guide was invited by the French Movement to attend their first "free" St. George's Day Parade, so to Paris she went.  But her trip became much more than a one-purpose visit, and this she wrote about in her book called "Opening Doorways".



This year, 2020,

being the 75th Anniversary

of the end of that War,

it is appropriate to re-visit those days.





The story of the Chief's travels
in Europe during 1945

17-19 Buckingham Palace Road
London, S.W.1



In the Library you can find the full content as either .PDF files or as text files, and the illustrations are here too.  However, these are restricted to 500 kb each, so the resolution is lower than the original scans - so if you want better, just ask.

The entire text is available on a Chapter by chapter basis, or as a single file, which is better if you want to search for any specific text.

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