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Dear Friends of Pensioners in the NW.

This web site is designed to show people what we are trying to do to improve issues for Pensioners in the NW.  We attempt at our meetings to raise relevant issues that affect Pensioners today and with our affiliation to the NPC and British Pensioner (BP) and the TUAA we work with these groups to raise the issues you want improving, such as pensions, care and loneliness.

We meet on a monthly base and move the meetings around the NW to try to accommodate as many members as possible and ensure that the venues are easy to reach by road, train or the Metro. The meetings start at 1pm and last until around 3pm.  The Executive meet ½ an hour before meeting; however, any member can attend but not contribute - save it for the full meeting which follows straight after. Dates and venues are attached to this site.

We produce a monthly newsletter which is also available on this site and we try to raise issues of the day that are a true factual record.  If members want to include anything in the newsletter that is of interest to other Pensioners we will consider including the article in the following issue when agreed by our executive members.

There are always important dates to remember like our annual meeting (usually in October), NPC Parliament (Blackpool in June), Biennial Delegates Conference (every 2 years, venue varies).  All these details will be available on this site.

Our present campaigning (alongside the NPC) is to fight to bring back the NHS to the public arena, get a commitment from politicians before the next general election to sign and agree the NPC‘s Manifesto and also for politicians to agree to the Dignity Code.

All these aims can only be achieved if Pensioners stand firm together and show governments we cannot and will not be ignored.  You can join as a group at £20 a year. We are currently looking at how to introduce a personal membership scheme. You will be welcome at all our meetings and receive all information by either e-mail or post, whichever you prefer.

Don’t sit at home wondering what we can do. Come with us and support our ongoing efforts.

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