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Red Kites

This week Mike Davies presents a feature for bird lovers - and in particular, those interested in the Red Kite

Red Kites are distinctive because of their forked tail and striking colour - predominantly chestnut red with white patches under the wings and a pale grey head.
They have a wingspan of nearly two metres (about five-and-a-half-feet), but a relatively small body weight of 2 - 3 Ibs.
This means the bird is incredibly agile, and can stay in the air for many hours with hardly a beat of its wings.
Red Kites are neither particularly strong nor aggressive despite being large birds.

Primarily a scavenger and an opportunist; it profits from sheep carrion but is not capable of opening up sheep or lamb carcasses by itself and has to wait until more powerful birds, such as ravens or buzzards have made the first inroads before it will attempt to feed.
Red Kites are however predators and take a wide variety of live prey, ranging from earthworms to small mammals, amphibians and birds.
Red Kites usually breed for the first time at 2 or 3 years old. They usually pair for life, although this is thought to be more because of a mutual attachment to the same territory and nest sites rather than any great attachment to each other.
Black Mountain Red Kite Feeding Station.

These particular birds travel from West Wales to the feeding station in Rhayader mid Wales,  and then to the feeding stations in the Brecons, returning back to West Wales.
This journey is made everyday throughout the year through all kinds of weather
This particular one where I filmed them is Located in the remote western area of the Brecon Beacons National Park and is the Red Kite Feeding Station at Llanddeusant
The site attracts over 50 Red Kites and Buzzards every day in a spectacular aerial display.
Further information:
A purpose built hide with wheelchair access allows you to get close to the birds. Bookings are strongly advised as the birds are only fed once a day.
How to get there:
The Red Kite (formerly the Cross Inn), Llanddeusant is 13km west of Trecastle – turn off the A40 by the Castle Coach Inn in Trecastle or signposted from the A4069 Brynaman to Llandovery Road at Pont-ar-llechau.
View here to see amazing close ups of the  fabulous Red kite

the music is the theme from the film "Out of Africa"
Sit back and admire what majestic creatures we have on this Earth.

Comments from viewers:
Here's what one  Neath Guardian viewer from Tasmania wrote:

"This is fabulous footage of a beautiful bird Mike - haven't they got the most amazing colouring and fantastic wing span - majestic!
We loved the music you have put with this too! Thank you! Stunning photography indeed! "
Elizabeth E Trevor - Tasmania

Thank you Elizabeth/
All comments are much appreciated.


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