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Warning - Skin Cancer

Cover up or get caught .....  by Mike Davies

This is the 1st time for me to come to terms to explain about skin cancer
As it has now quadrupled over the last 30 years, I worked indoors in retail for 40 years and the only time I went out in the sun was for a 2 week holiday and the occasional Sunday where we went down the beach or worked in the garden, naturally when the sun was out the shirt was off, as we tend not to get the best of summers,
As a child  of 10 my twin brother and I spent 6 weeks at a time during the school break down the Gower, the weather seemed to be better in those days, and all we had on was a pair of trunks, like many kids, in and out of the water enjoying life to the full,not a care in the world.
There was no such thing as sun creams in those days, yes we both got burnt and mum would plaster us in calamine lotion which we hated.
It was not until 2 years ago when I was 67 that my wife noticed a black eruption at the nape of the neck it was an unusual colour not like any other moles that I have, after a period of about 6 weeks she decided to take me to the doctors, my GP had a look and burnt it off.
Two weeks later I had a phone call to go and see my GP urgently, he told me it was "malignant melanoma" and one of the most dangerous forms of cancer, I was shocked, and very afraid, I did not want to die, it is a dreadful feeling when one is told that word.
An appointment was made for me to see the cancer specialist at Morriston and within 3 weeks I underwent a 2 hr operation where they went down 3cm I was cut from the back of the neck around to the front, I came home, and because I am on wafarine I bled all night and was admitted back to Morriston for,24 hrs observation.
The team, at Morriston have been fantastic as was my surgery, I had a CT scan a few months back when all looked good but I have to attend the cancer unit at Morriston for the next 5 years.   And now every new mole for me is still very worrying.
The sun is good for us and our planet, without it we would not survive, but the sun is a mighty dangerous planet as it can give both life and take life away
So all you youngsters and us oldies, be very careful slap on the sun cream, slap on a hat, and cover up during the mid-day sun.
"Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun" or Welsh for that matter,
above is a photo to show you what I went through - not very nice is it? But now apart from the scar line one can hardly tell and that was from one tiny mole
so "cover up or get caught"

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