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Photo Knight and the chewing gum connection


The week we welcomed our 'Photo Knight' to our team we looked at the initials - PK and the famous chewing gum brand.   Here we briefly look at the Wrigley Company and their 123 year history.

PK Chewing gum is/was produced by the Wrigley Company, founded in America on April 1, 1891, although it didn't begin offering chewing gum until the following year.  It was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1923.

Wrigley is a truly global company, with Wrigley gum being a part of everyday life in more than 150 countries across the globe. In Australia, our headquarters and factory are in Asquith, NSW, while our international corporate headquarters are located in the Wrigley Building at 410 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Wrigley have 14 manufacturing factories worldwide: four in North America, four in Europe, one in Africa, and five in the Asia/Pacific region.   No public tours are allowed within the factories.

Here are some interesting questions that often crop up about chewing gum.

Removal of chewing gum on clothing?

Whilst there is no “guaranteed methods” for gum removal try applying eucalyptus oil to area then wash as normal. Eucalyptus oil can be purchased at chemist or supermarkets. (Note: test a small inconspicuous area first to ensure colour fastness)

Finally, what does P.K Stand for?

The initials P.K are derived from a slogan that originated many years ago, in the development of our strict packaging codes – specifically “Packed tight – Kept right”.

After the chew - the mess

A nationwide problem - but some towns are worse than others

Are Neath's the worst offenders TAXI DRIVERS ?

Judge for yourself!    Just look around Neath and the amount of chewing gum around taxi rank areas.

Look at the photographs below taken by our Photo Knight.

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