27 January 2017
Gas Tram Book - becomes a reality

You will recall this website reported on 17th March 2015 of the assistance that the Society was giving to Dietmar Höse of Saxony who was researching the history of gas trams and was interested to know more of the system that ran in Neath.

We are pleased to announce that his book is now in print.  It is a colossal work and will doubtless become the standard reference work on the subject.   The massive tome runs to over 1,000 pages and is copiously illustrated with historical photographs and drawings to the extent that there are few text only pages.

Such an encyclopaedia comes at a hefty price approaching €100 and is unfortunately, only available in German.  Non German buyers receive a CD with all of the text as Word documents by which, through a PC a translation programme may be used.

The Neath gas tram system covers two chapters and runs to over 44 pages.  Herr Höse has been most complimentary to the help he received from the NAS, has given us full acknowledgement in his publication, and presented the Society with a complimentary copy for its library.

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