19 April 2016

Further to the earlier article the Society has been fortunate to develop a good relationship with the vendor who had listed historical documents with Neath connections, for sale on a well-known internet auction site.  The result has been the purchase of a large bundle of items.

These consist primarily of indentures relating to the Manor of Neath Ultra and Killybebill, Ynsarwed and Glyn Castle.  Lands are also mentioned in Llangavelach and Laugharne.  The earliest items date from 1659 to 1753 whilst the newest are from 1860 to 1915.

One lease of 1705 mentions a house in High Street, Neath called Ty Cornish and another, of 1743, a house in Butter Street. Most interestingly is an indenture between the Earl of Pembroke (and his many titles) and Evan Lewis for the whole of the Ynysarwed Estate at £150.  The date of 3rd June 1659 makes this the only document in the archive of the Neath Antiquarian Society that occurs during the interregnum years when Britain was without a monarch. King Charles the First had been executed in 1649 and the country was ruled during this turbulent time by a succession of various Parliaments.  This lasted until 1660 with the restoration of the monarchy and the enthronement of King Charles the Second.

Three of the documents on paper are very fragile and at least four of the parchment/vellum items have become very crisp in a folded condition.  These would be worthy of some conservation by an expert professional.

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