28 September 2015
Research Workshops



In 2023 the Neath Antiquarian Society will celebrate its centenary.  As part of that celebration the Society is planning a publication that will include the histories of all the major buildings in the town that will by that time be over a hundred years old, i.e. all the buildings that were present in the town when the Society was formed in 1923.

This involves a considerable amount of research and the help of many local historians will be needed to cover the buildings concerned.  The books and journals produced by the Society have always included articles from both members and non-members and so any assistance regarding this new project would be welcomed.

In order to enable as many people as possible to take part, the Society is running a few workshops in order to introduce people to the art of research.

Each workshop will consist of a two hour session on a Wednesday evening at the Neath Mechanics’ Institute in Church Place.  Those taking part will be;

  1. Given more detail of what archives are accessible inside the Institute.
  2. Shown how to access on-line archives.
  3. Explained how to plan research and to set out an article.
  4. Presented with more detail of and how to take part in the Society’s Centenary Project.

It is intended that each workshop will consist of a small group and that one workshop takes place each quarter.  Anyone interested in taking part should contact the Society directly through the contact page of this website.

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