01 September 2015
Now, where was I ?

Many of us will have suffered what is termed as a ‘Senior Moment’ when we momentarily forget, for example, what we were going to do or where we were going next.   Most times such a lapse in short term memory is looked upon with humour but, as is regularly reported, there is a more serious side to this.

We are told that the number of people suffering with Dementia could reach ‘epidemic proportions’ caused ironically by healthier lifestyles leading to increased longevity.

One of the things that can help relieve the effects of this condition is to show the sufferer photographs from the past, particularly from a period covering their own lifetime.  Such visions can aid the unlocking of past memory and result in happy reminiscences that boost the patient’s wellbeing. 

Neath Port Talbot Hospital is keen to develop this approach and is embarking on a project to develop a Memory Walk, where patients will be able to study a series of framed photographs from the past hung in rooms and corridors. 

The Neath Antiquarian Society is pleased to have provided a quantity of images relating to Neath for selection.  Interestingly, those best suited contain a lot of social history i.e. not only the buildings but the street scene of cars, people, fashions, hairstyles etc. which all help to unlock the past.

We wish the project every success.

Wind Street from The Square northwards - c.1960s

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