25 April 2015
NAS Archive - proven worthy once more

NAS Archive - a worthy resource

 A few weeks ago an exhibition was mounted at the  Community Building situated within the Victoria  Gardens at Neath.  The subject covered mining  activities in the district and the public were presented  with a range of documents, artefacts and pictures  that spanned the many years that men toiled  beneath the ground in search of the ‘black diamonds’.  An imaginative external display also aimed in giving the public an impression of the confines of life working underground.  Even though the exhibition was only in place for a short time, it was well attended by all sections of the public and many older visitors had the chance to give their reminiscences of working in the coal industry.  The Neath Antiquarian Society was pleased once more to have been able to assist by providing a quantity of historical images and also volunteers to man the exhibition. The Society has previously been involved in exhibitions for the Queens Diamond Jubille and the Centenary of WW1, so it is encouraging to think that NPT Council are continuing to realise the worth of our Society as a resource to assist their activities, and that such collaboration is making members of the public, who do not know already, aware of our existence.  After all, Neath is probably the only town in Britain where the local historical archive of significant heritage is preserved by a voluntary organisation.

Image details:

Bryncoch Main Colliery No.1 with company officials (c.1920)

(NAS publication Neath & District Vol.3  pl.217)

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