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41st Annual Show

with Craftwork, Photography

and many other sections

Open to all exhibitors





Nairn Community & Arts Centre

Open from 1.00pm


           Admission: Adults £2.00 (Accompanied children free)


 Teas & Home-baking will be served during the Show

Raffle, tombola and sales table



Friday 11th August 2023


4.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.   Staging of Exhibits 

Saturday 12th August 2023

8.00 a.m. to 9.45 a.m.   Staging of Exhibits

10.30 a.m.                    Judging Commences

1.00 p.m.                      Show open to the public

3.30 p.m.                      Presentation of Trophies

4.15 p.m.                       Raffle



Vases, plates and bowls are provided by the Club for staging of exhibits


Each exhibit must have an entry card and these will be provided when you register for staging

Prize Money

Prize money will be awarded in Sections J and K only as follows:-. 

1st place £2.00, 2nd place £1.00, 3rd place £0.50


In all other sections, we will award:-

Best exhibit in each Section               £10.00

Best exhibit in Show                                  £20.00




Our thanks go to the under-mentioned for their continued support:-


Greens Nurseries

Grantown Road




Klondyke Howdens Garden Centre






MacKenzie & Cruickshank                 

Greshop Industrial Estate                                                 





Munros Nursery





John Dewar & Sons Ltd

Royal Brackla Distillery





Rules for Exhibitors

1.     The entry must be the property of the exhibitor and in the case of vegetables, pot plants and flowers, must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for the eight weeks prior to the Show.

 2.     The Show is open to all competitors.

 3.     In all Sections, the maximum number of entries per class is one           for each exhibitor.

 4.     Reasonable precautions are taken to safeguard all exhibits staged, but neither the Club nor its members will accept any responsibility for the loss of, or damage to any exhibit or personal property.

 5.    Once placed, no exhibit shall be moved except under the direction of a steward.


6.  No exhibit should be removed until after the presentation of trophies, unless prior permission has been agreed with a member of the Committee.

7.     Judges’ decisions in all cases are final.

8.    No persons, other than those officially engaged in the judging and presentation of the Show, will be allowed into the hall when judging is in progress.

 Notes for Exhibitors

1.     All exhibitors to register on arrival and complete an entry form which will be available at the Show Registration desk on the Friday and Saturday.

2.     An exhibitor number will be issued upon registration and entry cards will be issued.

3.     All entry cards must state the exhibitor number.

4.     If you have not staged at a Show before, a steward can assist you in the staging of your exhibits.

5.     The plates, bowls and vases provided by the Club are to be used to stage the exhibit(s).  Florist foam is not supplied by the Club. 

6.  All prize monies will have to be collected from          the registration desk before closure of the              Show.  Prize money not collected will be deemed        to have to forfeited.

 7.     Points awarded as follows:-

       1st - 5 points, 2nd - 3 points, 3rd - 2 points

 8.     All trophies remain the property of the club.

9.     The cost of engraving the tophies is incurred            by the Club.

10.   The naming of cultivars of exhibits is welcome          where possible.

11.    Any exhibit not removed after the                presentation of prizes, will be deemed to be sold in aid of Club funds.





The Croy Tankard

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Vegetable Section

(Classes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10)


The Alex Cheyne Memorial Trophy

Donated by Donald and Carol Cheyne

For the exhibitor with the Best Vegetable Trug (Class 28)


The Harold Roach Trophy

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Vegetable Section


The Fruit Trophy

Donated by the Club

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Fruit Section


The Iris Munro Trophy

Donated by the family of the late Mrs I. Munro

For the Best Pelargonium


The Inverwick Trophy

Donated by Mr D. St. J. Thomas

For the Best Group of Plants Grown in a Container


The Pot Plant Trophy

Donated by the Club

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Pot Plant Section


The Millennium Trophy

For the Best Exhibit in the Pot Plant Section


The Henderson Rosebowl

In memory of the Late Mr J. Henderson

For the Best Exhibit in the Rose classes (Section D - Classes 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7)


The Sweet Pea Trophy

Donated by Mr A. McGowan

For the Best Exhibit in the Sweet Pea classes (Section D - Classes 8, 9, 10 & 11)


The Cut Flower Trophy

Donated by the Club

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Flower Section


The Green’s Nursery Trophy

Donated by Mr Green, Green’s Nursery

For the Best Exhibit in the Flower Section


The Nairn & District Gardening Club Trophy

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Vegetable, Fruit Pot Plant & Flower Sections


The Home-cooking Trophy

Donated by the Club

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Home-cooking Section


The Anne Clark Cup

Donated by the late Mrs A. Clark

For the exhibitor with the Best Exhibit in the Home-cooking Section


The Preserves Trophy

Donated by Ms S. MacLean

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Preserves Section


The Handicraft Trophy

Donated by the Club

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Handicraft Section


The Floral Art Trophy

Donated by the Club

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Flower Arrangements Section


The Under 8’s Trophy

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Young Gardeners under

the age of 8


The 8 to 15 Trophy

For the exhibitor with the most points in the Young Gardeners aged 8 to 15


The Founder and Founder Chairman’s Trophy

Donated by Mr A. Pledger and Mr J. Henderson

For the Best Exhibit in the Show


The Members’ Shield

Donated by the Club

For the Best Planter grown by a member of the club


The School Pallet Garden Shield

Donated by Mrs Suddick

For the Best Pallet Garden 



Variety to be named where possible

1.          4 Potatoes White – one cultivar

2.          4 Potatoes Coloured – one cultivar

3.          16 Potatoes, 4 of each cultivar - named and displayed in a box or board 18” x 18” max

4.          3 Onions from Seed - each onion over 250 grams

5.          3 Onions from Seed - each onion under 250 grams

6.          3 Red Onions

7.          3 Onions from Sets

8.          6 Shallots

9.          2 Leeks – Blanched or Intermediate

10.        2 Pot Leeks

11.         3 Carrots - long

12.        3 Carrots - stump

13.        3 Beetroot

14.        6 Pods of Peas

15.        6 Runner Beans

16.        6 Broad Beans

17.        1 Lettuce

18.        1 Cucumber

19.        3 Courgettes - 4” to 8”

20.        4 Red Tomatoes

21.        4 Yellow Tomatoes

22.        4 Cherry Tomatoes

23.        1 Cauliflower (to be shown with a 3” stalk)

24.        1 Cabbage (to be shown with a 3” stalk)

25.        1 Vase of 5 kinds of Culinary Herb - 2 stems of each and to be named

26.        Any other vegetable – to be named

27.        1 pot of Parsley (not exceeding 6”)

28.        A selection of vegetables (excluding giant vegetables but can include tomatoes and herbs) to be displayed in a trug or similar container (max size 12” x 24”) – to be judged for quality and visual effect 

29.        5 kinds of vegetables to be displayed in a box 24” x 18” max (can be displayed with a backing board)


30.        10 Raspberries with Husks

31.        10 Gooseberries

32         6 Strawberries

33.        Blackcurrants (with strings) - a minimum of 110g or 4 oz

34.        Redcurrants (with strings) - a minimum of 110g or 4 oz

35.        3 Dessert Apples

36.        3 Cooking Apples

37.        3 kinds of Fruit - 3 of each (currants (with strings) - a minimum of 110g/4 oz) - to be displayed on 1 plate

38.        Any other fruit – to be named



Please note the maximum Pot Size is 9” and to be displayed on saucers

(no restriction on pot size for standards)

39.        Fern

40.        Coleus

41.        Any other Foliage Plant

42.        Geranium

43.        Pelargonium – single

44         Pelargonium – double or semi-double

45.        Pelargonium - regal

46.        Begonia - small headed

47.        Begonia - large headed - over 2”

48.        Foliage Begonia

49.        Cactus

50.        Succulent

51.        Bonsai

52.        Gloxinia

53.        Streptocarpus

54.        Orchid

55.        Fuchsia - single

56.        Fuchsia - double

57.        Half Standard Fuchsia - 18” to 30” clear stem

58.        Quarter Standard Fuchsia - 10” to 18” clear stem

59.        Any other Flowering plant

60.        Group of Plants Grown in a Container (max 18” diameter)

61.        A Window Box/Trough (max length 30”)

62.        Hanging Pot (max 8” diameter pot - own choice of plants)


63.       6 Violas displayed on a board

64.        Begonia Head (can be displayed on a board)

65.        1 Single Rose floating in a glass bowl (glass bowl provided by Club)

66.        Vase of 3 Rose Stems Hybrid T (same cultivar)

67.        Vase of 3 Rose Stems Hybrid T (different cultivar)

68.        1 Single Rose to be judged for scent only

69.        Vase of 1 Rose Stem Floribunda

70.        Vase of 12 Sweet Peas - mixed

71.        Vase of 6 Sweet Peas – white, cream or pink

72.        Vase of 6 Sweet Peas - lavender, mauve or blue

73.        Vase of 6 Sweet Peas - scarlet or maroon

74.        Vase of Dahlia Medium Decorative - (1 bloom)

75.        Vase of Dahlia Pom-Pom - (1 cultivar - 3 blooms)

76.        Vase of Dahlia Medium Decorative - (1 cultivar - 3 blooms)

77.        Vase of Dahlia Cactus - (1 cultivar - 3 blooms)

78.        Vase of Dahlia - (any cultivar – 3 blooms)

79.        Vase of Mixed Dahlia - (not more than 9 stems)

80.        Vase of Perennials – (1 cultivar)

81.        Vase of Mixed Perennials

82.        Vase of 1 Gladioli

83.        Vase of 2 Gladioli - large

84.        Vase of 2 Gladioli - butterfly

85.        Vase of Annuals – (1 cultivar)

86.        Vase of Mixed Annuals

87.        Vase of Flowering Shrub - (1 cultivar)

88.        Vase of Mixed Flowering Shrubs

89.        Vase of Asters (annuals)

90.        Vase of Carnations (4 stems)

91.        Vase of Pinks (4 stems)


Please ensure that all products are displayed in or on disposable plates/containers.  The exhibitor must remove their entry at the end of the show.

92.        2 slices of filled Lemon Drizzle Cake

93.        2 slices of Fruit Gingerbread

94.        2 slices of Swiss Roll - with any filling

95.        4 Scotch Pancakes – Sweet or Savoury     

96.        Sweet Treat for a Vegan – with recipe (titled and typed)

97.        4 Cheese Scones

98         An individual serving of Trifle

99.        Gluten Free treat – with recipe

100.       4 Truffles

101        A Savoury Treat

102.       A Bread of your choice – handmade and not machine made 


Jars can be displayed with lids and to be labelled with variety and date made.  The exhibitor must remove their entry at the end of the show.

103.       Jar of Raspberry Jam

104.       Jar of Strawberry Jam

105.       Any other single variety of jam (not named above)

106.       Jar of Mixed Fruit Jam (minimum of two fruits – fruits to be named)

107.       Jar of any variety of sweet Jelly

108.       Jar of any variety of savoury Jelly

109.       Jar of Marmalade

110.       Jar of Lemon Curd

111.        Jar of Chutney

112.       Jar of Pickled Vegetable(s)

113.       Bottle of Salad Dressing

114.      6 home produced eggs in a box  


115.       A Knitted Article

116.       A Handstitched Article

117.       Crocheted Article

118.       A Greetings Card (max size A5)

119.       Besides the Sea - An item using products from beach combing– to be displayed on a table within a maximum area of 12” x 12”

120.       Handmade piece of Jewellery

121.       A Painting in a medium of your choice (max size A5)

122.       Any other Craftwork not listed above

123.       Crafting Trio – 3 different items in 3 different crafts (your own choice), displayed on 12” cake board


All photographs to be mounted and not framed (photo size 6” x 4“ max)

124.       “Shades of Green” 

125.       “Reflection”

126.       “Scene from a Garden”

127.       “Sunset in Nairn”

128.       “Wildlife”

129.         “A Quirk of Nature”

130.       “Happy People”


131.       “A Crowning Glory” – A Royal Arrangement to celebrate the Coronation (max width 20”)

132.       “Going Green” - (max width 20”)

133.       “You’ve Been Framed” – An arrangement incorporating a picture frame (max width 20”)

134.       “Arrangement in a Teacup” – (max size 6” x 6”)

135.       A Festival Crown/Floral Headband


136.       Arrangement of Flowers in a Jam Jar

137.       Miniature Garden (in a seed tray or similar - not to exceed 15 x 9)

138.       Animal made from Vegetables and/or Fruit

139.       A small plate of decorated pebbles (max size 6”)

140.       A picture made from recycled products on be displayed on a paper plate (max size 8”)

141.       A plate of vegetables grown by the entrant at home or allotment (max size 8”)

142.      A painting of a Flower (max size A5)

143.       2 Chocolate Crispie Cakes


144.       Arrangement of Flowers in a recycled container    

145.      Bug hotel made from natural materials (no bigger than a shoe box)

146.       Animal made from Vegetables and/or Fruit

147.       A Crown using materials of your own choice

148.       A item made from Lego (max size 12” x 12 x 12”)

149.       A plate of vegetables grown by the entrant at home or allotment (max size 8”)

150.       Photo of a pet/animal (max size 6” x 4”)

151.       A Celebration Traybake

152.    Members Only Class

Club members will be issued with a plant (chosen by the committee) to grow on and to be used as a display on the stage area on show day to create a colourful display.




School Pallet Garden Challenge

For the twelfth year, we are running a Pallet Garden Challenge.  As a result of our previous lottery funding in March 2010, we acquired a number of link-a-bord pallets.  The Club donated these to local schools/playgroups.  The pallet is 1m x 1m and the challenge for the school/playgroup is to create a theme of their own choice to be displayed within the pallet.  The Pallets will be judged on site in mid to late June 2023.  Photographs of the pallets will be taken and they will be on display at the Nairn Community & Arts Centre on Show day, when the prizes will be awarded.  Certificates and prizes will be awarded to each pallet entered



We would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their generous sponsorship for our 2023 Show:



We welcome new members and subscriptions run from March to December each year. The current Club subscription is £20.00 per annum, Junior members (under 15) £5.00.  Look at our website or ask at the Show for details of membership and a copy of the programme. Anyone is welcome to attend meetings for £4.00 per meeting which includes refreshments.


Secretary: Maureen Miller






Chairman: Anne Vincent

Tel: 01667 462410













Our programme of events can be found at: 


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