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MSGB - Voluntary Communications

Welcome to our website.

From here we would like to enlighten you on what MSGB does and provides to private and public services, and to the general public

MSGB was first formed in 1982 as the Monitoring Services of Great Britain, and was set up to monitor Citizens Band (CB) radio channels for emergencey calls, mainly on channel 9.

After a while a few badly informed members broke away and formed a limited company using the name of the group, however this did not last very long, and the volunteer service continued, changing it's facilities to move on with modern technologies.

Now MSGB is a completely FREE facility for radio communications assistance groups to be promoted, and to be known to each other, so to back up each other's group when needed, if an event may need more more marshals or helpers at an event or incident.

The letters GB in our title is obviously meaning Great Britain in our original format, but we are there for groups and teams from all over the UK including Northern Ireland, but we now wish to open our links with those on the Channel islands, The Isle of Man and the Republic of ireland

Some teams operate a group of marshalls, and sometimes casual members of the public, to organise events such as town carnivals, some do search services for lost children, the services can be endless and ALL are volunteers.

Have a look around this website and see as the MSGB site grows, and gets to be a place for organisations to be promoted with those who need some help in their events and services..

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