Self-indulgence or a gift for someone special there is nothing to match a beautifully illustrated book of poetry. What better than Michael Walsh poetry? He is not the angst-ridden versifier who leaves you scratching your head, Michael’s poetry instead has you scratching you heart.

Bedside or coffee table, his poetry and charming images delight everyone regardless of gender, age doesn’t matter, social status is irrelevant.

Michael’s poetry resonates, it evokes, inspires and captivates. Whether you purchase for yourself or for someone dear to you, it lasts a lifetime and is sure to be received with a beaming smile.




When you gift Mike Walsh titles we suggest you email Michael with your recipient’s email address and name. The recipient will receive a personal email from Michael. E.g. Hello Sarah, I am the author of (title). I hope it will be of interest and indeed inspire you. ~ Cordially, Michael Walsh, Author and Broadcaster.

Michael Walsh Poetry
Michael Walsh Poetry
Heart~to~Heart Poetry Collection
Heart~to~Heart Poetry Collection

Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt.

And poetry is painting, that is felt rather than seen.

TRIBUTES (Selected from hundreds)

* I do appreciate what you have achieved. Your poetry is beautiful; it speaks to one's soul.  ~ Diana Zobena.

* Just one little thing I need to tell you again. You are an amazing poet. The poet who has a special gift of seeing the beauty of this world and generating love in his heart, and filtering his sensual fantasies with his sharp mind to bring them to perfection in form. ~ Yvette Kalnina.   

* Exquisite: God bless those eyes that inspire these verses. ~ Svetlana Deon. Ballerina.

* You are really the last romantic in Europe: your poems are so lovely. You have created the world of your own, inhabited by your romantic dreams, fantasies, characters, imaginations, rhythms and melodies in accordance with the laws of Beauty. I should say: a rather closed world, But it’s a pleasure for me to be in touch with it a little bit. ~ Irina, Volgograd.

* “Truly, the spark of Divine genius resides in YOU! In the past, my letter, I would like you not only compare with Mozart, but also with many brilliant writers, poets, composers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, actors, scientists. You are a great person! You are a space! Your intellect is infinite as the universe! It is a great honour for me to communicate with you. I feel I am an insignificant grain of sand in front of you!” ~ Nastenka Savchenko. Ukraine. Teacher of Literature and Classical Music

* It isn't just your sensational poetry; it is you reading it that is so mesmerizing. I will add Karl's audio to the page. ~ Deanna Spingola. Republic Broadcasting Organization.

* One word: ‘beautiful. ~ Ruslanas Irzikevicius, Editor, Lithuania Tribune Media Group.


To Contact Michael 

EMAIL keyboardcosmetics@gmail.com



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