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Just a few sparodic thoughts so not so much a blog more a sparog. Any contribution you want to make please feel free. Be interested if anyone is working on the same things as I am.

New start!

by Allan Faulkner - 11:08 on 22 April 2011

I began today thinking I would give myself a treat and just do a bit of thinking, reading, try to write a better description of living theory TASC so someone might be able to get going if they wanted but didnt know where to start and no one to help.

An email came through from www.screwworkletsplay.com/. I enjoy the pop psychology stuff it always seems so full of hope and possibilities. Following the links other questions came to mind, all related with the core of what my thesis has become about - the learning adventures and journeys that seem to be part of the lives of people who live loving, satisfying, productive and worthwhile lives for themselves and others.

But - nothing is that simple. I also have the thoughts of Fernando and his work. The video of his seminar on Jack Whitehead's channel on YouTube. Thinking of the conversation last night with Jack, Fernando and Mark which took me again to do you inquire as a living theory researcher.

Following the link offered by John Williams (screwworkletsplay) email on talent and success I went to  Silva's site and on leadership/starting a movement... curious about the success of the site's of Silva and John Williams I wandered further and found 43things.com. They seem to be touching the same space I wanted to with livinglearning as is Granny Cloud by Sugata Mitra

Also in mind are some of my current problems:

  • Having worked with Joan Walton and Jack to create the CPD opportunity Living Values Improving Practice Co-operatively project for educators to research to improve their practice how do I attract people to join in?
  • Having set up the Living Learning 2011 Developing Reseach Skills for Life Young People's Conference how do I attract young people to contribute and participate?
  • Having the latest iteration of the website - livinglearning.org.uk how do I attract people in and explore the possibilities for supporting and developing passions for learning for life?
  • How do I present APEX at the Schools Forum?
  • How do help someone who has so much to offer themselves and the world but hasnt whatever is needed to do so?

So - what seems to attract? Silva's short stories seem to provoke a lot of brief postings. That is where I found the links and to Peter Gollwitzer who is working on How do goals and plans affect cognition and behavior? Which made me think of Carol Dweck's work. While many of the postings on Silva's site suggest that the engagement with  Gollwitzer is superficial and misguided at least there is engagement and with that comes possibilities.

The 43things.com - again a huge number of engagements. What happens as a result I dont know but again where there is engagement there are possibilities. I need to think about this... Any help would be appreciated!


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