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09 March 2013


“Here and Now” is a collection of paintings reflecting a small part of how I see Inverness and its surrounding countryside.


“Greig Str. Bridge” emanated from my observation of the storm tide just before Christmas 2012. It slowed the water down flowing from the Ness into the sea and not only raised its level but made the water stand almost still so that the reflections of the church and houses could form on its surface.

For me “Inverness Castle” in its structure and also function as a courthouse stands guard over the town and over the river Ness. The symmetry and right angles of the buildings form a contrast and yet the red sand stone and rounded towers are also in harmony with the flow of nature around it. 

The skies are always varied and dramatic up here and present a continuous fascination for me. Although I tried to depict known landmarks such as “Loch Ness” and “Loch Maree” their skies are as important and noteworthy as the land and water below.

The colours and semi abstract portrayal of  “Eilean Donan Castle” are to reflect the mystery of history as well as setting. It is such a well known tourist attraction and yet for me the castle still stands solid in its defiance of any chocolate box depiction.

Just as skies are a source of inspiration for me, so water holds a similar attraction. It does not matter where you are in the Highlands water is always close by. It can bring bright sparkles of sunshine or mirrors of moody skies. My “Wetland” paintings show a small chunk of scenes that lie just outside our door steps. Actually most of my paintings show water and just as it can be calm and bright it also has a power of its own as I tried to capture in “Rogie Falls”.

Other typical and beautiful aspects of the Highland landscape are birches. I see them every day on my walk through a local wood and enjoy the reflection of light on the silvery bark, admire their tenacity to grow on the poorest of soil and wait for the additional joy they bring when their reddish twigs start to change to light green.

And finally there are the jewels of lichen everywhere in the woodlands. Their flowing formation and variety of shapes transform into beautiful corral growing above ground. “Lichen Lichen Lichen” shows my attempt of harnessing that variety and continuous flow.

I hope the title “Here and Now” as well as the collection of my paintings encourage you also to

     catch the moment of now and stop and see and enjoy

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