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working principles of magnetic separator :

The material in pours from the input port and the magnetic material in it absorbs on the surface of the tank under the action of the magnetic field. With the rotating of the tank when the magnetic material disengages from the magnetic field it falls into the chute under the action of the gravitation. The nonmagnetic material was thrown into the tailings chute under the inertia and gravitation with the rotating of the tank. Then the magnetic material and nonmagnetic material are separated, the separation work ends.

Magnetic separator can be used for wet dressing of the following ores with the size less than 3mm,which are magnetite,pyrrhotine,calcined ore,ilmenite,and so on .It also can be usd to remove the iron for processing of coal ,non-metalic mineral and construction materiacal .The magnetic system of the magnetic  separetor is made by compositive materials of high quality ferrite materalsand rare earth magnetic steel and the magnetic steel and the magnetic induction is 100-600mT.We can produce the magnetic separetor into uniflow ,semi counter current ,reflux type and so on .This magentic separetor has the advantages of high capacity ,easy to control and simple structure .

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