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29 May 2006
Na Feidh’s two youngest players made their mark on the tournament at the weekend. Not only scoring goals they decided to teach there older team mates the finer arts of tackling. First up was Judith Matheson, 5’ 2” and 7 stone, with a flying midair block on a 6’3” 15 stone opposing player needless to say she came out of it a bit worse for ware. Undaunted she took the court in the next game only to proceed in giving a Glasgow player a GLASGOW KISS (accidentally) and ending up with an ice pack on a battle worn head. Not to be out done Emma Wiseman, 5’2” 6 stone, then picked on the biggest player in the tournament, 6’7” and 16 stone Joe Roesmann, giving him a good old backhander across the gob. We didn’t think Emma could jump that high but were pleasantly surprised by her air born encounter. These youngsters show bravery (Stupidity maybe) and commitment to play at this level. Credit must go to there older team mates who are prepared to put up with them and involve them so much in the flow of the games.

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