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In late 2019 we began moving our intention to hold a 3rd Living Educational Theory Research Gathering in 2020.  We began by focussing the gathering towards a specific date and deciding that this year we would include a website to support the event. The change in social context created by the Covid-19 pandemic provided the shift in focus that we needed to transform the inital idea from an informally organised local gathering with international contributions in person via Skype to the 1st International Living Educational Theory Research e-conference. 

We are most grateful to the following people's influence in helping us shape the event by making generous contributions which can be viewed by clicking on their name below:

Sonia Hutchison

Jackie Delong

Giulia Carozzi

Jayne Coleman

Peter Mellet

Brian Jennnings

Jack Whitehead

Marie Huxtable

Rachael Burgess

*William and Jack

Clicking on *William and Jack will take you to a slightly different contribution in that it is a compilation of William's writings that have emerged over the course of many years of values led conversations shared between William House and Jack Whitehead. Hopefully is an illustration into the potential influence that Living Educational Theory can have in communities driven by loving kindness.

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