Leighton Library Restoration

“A deſigne to rear up this Houſe to that ſtaitlyneſs wherein it now ſtands, and be ſuitable to that rich donatione of excellent Books contained in it”

(Bishop Douglas of Dunblane 1691)

 What do we need the money for?


The building is as important as the books -it was built to house them in 1687 and it now needs repair to the fabric:

  • Replace the cement based harling and replace with breathable lime harl
  • Take down and repair the marble cartouche
  • Repair the roof, leadwork and rainwater system
  • Repair the stonework, windows and doors
  • Restore the Undercroft to become a visitor/exhibition/performance space

​It is estimated the repair costs will be around £400,000


We welcome your donations

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Would you like to support the restoration of Dunblane's historic Leighton Library?

Click on this link to get in touch Alastair MacDonald, Leighton Library Restoration, if you'd like to explore ways in which you might be able to support the restoration of Dunblane's historic Leighton Library

The Library is a key building in the historic Cross area. As well as repair, we wish it to become an accessible major visitor attraction
The poor condition of the harling is evident. Estimated cost to remove existing harling £12,000 and replace (4 coats lime harl) £65,000
The stonework needs repair. Estimated cost £20,000
This chimney needs to be taken down and rebuilt.
Estimated costs for all necessary pointing and stonework £40,000
We plan to open up the ground level access
The Cartouche
The Cartouche
This fine marble cartouche once displayed the Bishop's arms. We need to replace the fixings and restore the cartouche.
Estimated cost £27,500

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