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Jean Martyn's Manager says thanks with a word to end speculation.
"On Jean's behalf, I would like to say a big thank you to you for covering her recent success on the run up to BGT, the tour, and the loss of her dear Mum.
I agree with Alan Ashton, that the facts should be checked with the person being featured before publication, as Jean is certainly not retiring, and her family is in Staffordshire, so there is definitely no truth in her retiring to Pembrokeshire, or in fact retiring!!!

For the past 5 weeks, life for Jean has changed dramatically. She is now managed by MIG Management in London, not MRG as stated.
She completed 12 of the 14 nights of the tour, there were two days off during the tour... then she straight away came home to arrange her mothers' funeral.

Following that ceremony which was a true dedication to her mothers life, Jean then resumed her music, which was her Dads and late mothers wish, that she should live life to the full, ENJOY life, and share her love of music. This IS HER LIFE, and the happiness she has brought to all walks of life is clear for everyone to see.

As stated by the judges, she has a smile that is infectious, and that was seen at the Dartford festival last Saturday when despite the pouring rain, thousands of people flocked to the stage to wait for Jeans performance. Just before she began to play, the sun came out, she came out, and the whole place became alive, with people jiving on the grass, young people having a whale of a time, and the "music" from the EL900 Yamaha reaching out to a new generation. Mums eagerly thrusting their children to have photos taken with Jean, babies, wanting to touch the colours on her sequin jacket, and mums and Grandmas,dads and Grandads, all joining in with the "TEAM JEAN" or Martyn-mania, which has become the norm!

Jean played at the East London Organ Club, last week, and they were packed out..
This week alone she has performed 4 shows, appeared at Buckingham Palace, by special invitation from Amanda Holden performed on stage with the cast of Shrek.

The doors keep opening, and its all due to years of hard work, and striving to reach a goal. As people say now, "Jean deserves this success" ... she had the guts to have a go, and I am very proud of her as all the organ world should be at what she has achieved, and the prominence that has been given throughout the country to the electronic organ world, and borne out by the Organist Entertains."

Report by Bob Ware.
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