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Pete Chandler -
Thoughts on playing

Pete Chandler, the North Devon keyboard player who has a Yamaha keyboard set-up similar to Richard Bower, except for bass pedals, feels doubtful about much of a future in club concert engagement outside of his 'native' west country.
After a reasonable trial period of no response to his listing on pertinent websites he has asked both OrganFAX and 'Keyboard Player's UK' to remove his name from the Player Directories. OrganFAX have followed this request, however we have advised leaving his name in the 'Keyboard Players UK' directory (see Menu) for a while longer.
Because there has been virtually no interest shown from keyboard-organ societies Pete thinks it's not worth continuing to offer to provide concert material after his sole engagement for 2011 in March, but instead to concentrate on local private work.
We think the lack of enquiries may be because he is not known and has never had a booking at a keyboard festival attended by organ society secretaries. These events are often a show case for players and it is interesting to note that Byron Jones, Tim Flint and many others were unknown until their first festival appearance. In fact, Pete reminds us of a car that is difficult to start, but when it gets going it runs exceptionally well. He laughingly adds that maybe he is just an old crock now! But judging by his recently updated website, he is still certainly ticking over on all four cylinders.
For private function engagements, Pete's website states: 
'...for many years keyboardist to two popular London-based bands, and having provided hundreds of hours of both dinner music and general dance music, Pete Chandler now lives in North Devon ...an experienced 'one piece orchestra' able to give any occasion a touch of prestige...
...a very wide mix of musical styles is possible to provide music for all tastes.' 

But he would love to play, with a Tyros 3 setup (shown right), for keyboard enthusiasts beyond his local gigs in North Devon.

The question is: how does he get started and get known in wider circles? We have made some comments above - what do you have to say? If you haven't already come across his music on 'YOUTUBE', we suggest you take a look at the video and also listen to the selection sample music tracks on his website.

Pete Chandler's website:

Pete has now decided to spend more time on his garden railway.  He intend to confine his playing to local gigs, rather than organ-keyboard societies.


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