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2013 Minutes of AGM
09 October 2013

Minutes of Meeting:   AGM

Date:   28th. May 2013 at 1900 hrs.

Venue: Keig Primary School.

In Attendance

Sandy Innes (SI)  Chairman, Keig Hall Committee
Ian Murray (IM)  Secretary, Keig Hall Committee (rapporteur)
Sandy Innes Snr.  Chairman Bowling Club
Nancy Reid (NR)  Bowling Club
Sandra Innes   Parent Council representative.
Neil Glennie (NG)  Keig Hall Committee
Helen Murray (HM)  Treasurer, (ex officio) Keig Hall Committee 

Apologies for absence:
Lord Forbes 
Karen Brunnen


Sandy Innes opened the meeting by welcoming all those attending. The primary function of meeting was to hold the Keig Community Hall Users’ Group’s (KCHUG) AGM and also to update attendees on the financial situation.

Minutes of last meeting:

Nancy Reid proposed that the 2012 Minutes be adopted and this was seconded by Sandra Innes thus the motion was passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Helen Murray gave presented the years accounts (5th April 2012 to 5th April 2013) these accounts having been verified by Sandy Gibb of the Alford branch of RBS. The current bank balance stands at £7721.  HM explained that the accounts had been submitted to OSCR but that they had been rejected with one line only needing to be changed (no figures were changed). The accounts were thus currently back with Sandy Gibb as per OSCR’s requirements and they would be resubmitted within the next ten days.

Current Funding Situation

Ian Murray gave a breakdown of the grants and payments situation and advised that the Big Lottery Fund monies (£50,000) had now all been expended and a close out report (plus a copy of the accounts) submitted to the BLF.

All invoices had now been paid and the final agreed invoice was £120, 243.48. IM gave the history of the £6,000 Credit Note which was finally issued to KCHUG by Aberdeenshire Council (for recompense for the kitchen units supply and fitting) thus the total paid was £116, 243.48.  This was submitted in two tranches with the Leader element being paid off first and the remainder after the Credit Note had been received.

IM advised that the share of the retention fee of £1831.12 was possibly outstanding but that it was not clear whether the Council retained this part of the Contractor’s fees in response to their very poor performance.

New Committee Members:

No potential applicants attended the meeting thus the Committee will have to stand as is. However, Helen Murray has been acting as de facto Treasurer following the death of Bob Henderson thus SI proposed that HM be formally inducted as Treasurer and this was seconded by Nancy Reid, the motion was thus adopted.

Situation Report on Roles and Responsibilities:

SI met with John Gahagan (Aberdeenshire Council Estates Manager (Infrastructure)) and discussed the situation vis a vis breakages policy, the cleaner situation and the key holder situation given that the hall is hired out by the Council but that the equipment belongs to KCHUG. The grant funding for the refurbishment of the hall was predicated on maximising the use of the hall for the benefit of the community and the lack of entry during school holidays went directly against the ethos of the hall being available to the community as much as possible. KCHUG awaits feedback from Mr. Gahagan.


It was again noted by SI that benches and the piano are being stored in the hall. This is in contravention of the Council’s policy and local agreement and SI will speak to the Head teacher on this subject.

SI will also consult the Head teacher on the need for somebody from the school to be on the Committee.

SI  advised that he had received a letter of thanks from Richard Stroud (ex Councillor) expressing appreciation for being invited to the hall opening and on being thanked for his work and presented with a painting.


The Chairman closed the meeting at 1945 hrs. thanking everybody for their attendance.

Ian Murray
0900 hrs.  30th. May 2013

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