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What is a Holistic Wellness Center?

It is a place where you can find support, direction, compassion, a new outlook on life, personal gratification and a sense of belonging.  We can help you to identify your core cause of "what's ailing you" because almost all illness has an emotional component.  We can help you to discover what may be blocking you from your highest health potential.  Karen's offers a wide variety of "Holistic or Complimentary" therapies.  Holistic means "whole body" it includes mind, body & spirit.  Complimentary is referring to complimenting or in addition to traditional western medicine.  Holistic therapies are very individualized and require a great deal of client participation.  Because you know yourself and your body better than anyone else.  Holistic therapies are a way to HEAL illness instead of attempting to subside symptoms.  It largely consists of self-healing with the aid of experienced practitioners.  Holistics give you more self control over your wellness.

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