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I'm too old to lose it, too young to choose it.

The more I see, the more I know. The more I know, the less I understand.

I don't want to change the world, I'm not looking for a New England.

I never met a beer I didn't like.

I knew the bride when she used to rock'n'roll.

My name is Joe. I was born and raised in London. My parents came over from Ireland in the fifties, so I am a mix of English and Irish (with our own 'national' anthem in Morrisey's Irish Blood English Heart - look for it on youtube) and consider myself London Irish. What others consider me will be brushed under the carpet for now, thank you very much.

I moved to Turkey, to a small town on the Mediterranean coast in 2008. I am working as an English Teacher in a local school. This is after over twenty years as an Electronic Production Engineer so its quite a big change.

I am married to a Turkish woman who has lived in London nearly 20 years. We have a six year old daughter. As my friend said "She's a mix of Irish and Turkish and was born in the East End of London. Remind me not to get on the wrong side of her". She is fluent in both English and Turkish, as is my wife, whereas I am fluent in English and Gibberish only. One of my big challenges is to learn Turkish.

I have another, thirteen year old daughter who live with her mother out in the heartland of England. My ex now lives with her new man and they are a very English family. There are some interesting dynamics there, let me tell you.

Leaving my thirteenyearold behind Was the biggest issue with the move actually. Its hard not to see her for months on end and gave me huge second thoughts about the move. And quiet big third thoughts, medium size fourth ones and plucky little fifth, sixth and seventh ones.

My wife was raised Muslim and I was raised Catholic. Although we are both now fervent atheists our backgrounds can give rise to some hilarious opportunities for mirthful misunderstandings! How we laugh. Sometimes even at the same time.

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