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Our event may only happen once a year, but there is always something on the go right through the year. Whether it be competitions, special offers or discounts, sponsorship changes, or even the weather updates as we approach the day itself and it will all appear here.

(If you have any Jaguar orientated news you would like mentioned here please just email the details to News@JaguarForumsUK.com)



09 July 2020Ourr Friday Stats and News - the latest on our Sept 20th event!!

Welcome to the usual Friday Stats and News regarding our event :-)

In the past few days the UK government has given the go ahead for outdoor events to take place as long as all statutory precautions are adhered to, so our event has moved from 99% sure of running to 100%.

I have brought in supplies of hand sanitiser, signage to remind people to use it, and attendees will be strongly encouraged to remain socially distanced on the day. With the Rotary Club involvement we will also have more marshals than ever to ensure you get parked up correctly and without issue at the main event.

We are limiting attending Jaguar numbers to 150 currently to ensure we can look after everyone, but this may be increased a little, closer to the date as resources come into place for us.

Denbies have confirmed they are happy to host us, and will be supplying all the usual amenities such as toilets, shop, restaurant, carvery and so on considering social distancing.

I am currently working on the Welcome Pack information inserts and we are including instructions from the W.H.O. on how to use hand sanitiser correctly to help ensure everyone remains safe, and we have (finally) migrated from RAC/AA route sheets to our own custom sheets.

I am in discussions with almost all our event sponsors and trade stand operators, as a huge percentage of them have been struggling (as everyone has) with the lockdown and have not been able, yet, to confirm their levels of involvement.

Our 2021 calendar competition, running in association with Scratchshield and with all proceeds going to the RNLI closes this weekend - so please get your votes in on the events Facebook group before then to ensure you have a say in whose images will be in the calendar :-) Please note Scratchshield will be awarding a prize to the image they love the most and awarding the owner the title of Scratchshields Jaguar of the Year'.

We have just issued Access Pass 102, so there is  only 48 places still available at this years event currently, so if you would like to attend one of the few not-for-profit grassroot Jaguar events still running this year please, please register asap or you may miss out.. and don't forget we support both the RNLI and The Rotary Club so not only do we connect you with trusted specialists, and companies that depend on Jaguars in the bigger eco system, but we also help society outside of the world of Jaguar.

It is not long now until our first event Autumnal event so please keep a close eye on our forum threads, website and facebook Group for the very latest info as we go, and if you haven't registered your Jaguar yet please do at www.jaguarforumsUK.com and join us :-)

This week has been very busy on and offline with our event and here are some of the stats for the week:

Our forum threads have received over 49,030 hits
Our Facebook Group is growing steadily and now has over 1000 members
Our Instagram feed has 1652 followers
Our Twitter feed has 877 followers
Our Telegram Chat Group has 36 members

And finally, our website has had visitors from the following top five countries (in order of numbers)
1) UK
2) US
3) Germany
4) Ireland
5) Italy

Noting Italy is new to the top 5 - a warm welcome to everyone there :-)

Please keep safe wherever you are, and it would be great to see you at our 2020 event this September :-)


OK Guys - its OFFICIAL.. the UK Government guidelines now state that providing we take reasonable precautions regarding social distancing etc we can now officially host an outdoor event, and subject to a risk assessment we also have the go-ahead from our main venue, the incredible

Denbies Wine Estate


However to ensure that we can maintain social distancing we are limiting our attendees to THE FIRST 150 JAGUARS signing up for an access pass - and we have just issued Access Pass number 102.

So, if you want to make it to our Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners this year - in fact in 70 DAYS TIME you need to sign up quickly to ensure you can attend. See the full info at our official website (sign up link at the bottom of the page) http://www.spanglefish.com/JaguarForumsUK/index.asp?pageid=697875.

Additionally plans are on the go for our 10th anniversary event in 2021 and this year you can pre register for it at our 2020 event.. guaranteeing your slot at our first 'normal' event after Covid19. Making things even easier for you

So, go-on you know you love a Great Day Out, and we 100% have one for you in just a few weeks


We have a tie break for the last 4 places in our calendar - please vote in our Facebook group and help us select the last 4 winners..

03 July 2020Friday Stats and News AND LAST CALL for Calendar voting

It's Friday.. some might say Thank Crunchie It's Friday if they have a sweet tooth :-)

Welcome to the latest news and stats about our event - one of only a few events still able to run this year. Still not sure how we have managed it, but we have everything you have come to expect from our event, plus a little more than you would expect AND it's an Autumnal event this year.

Jaguar has been far busier not only in the press, but in the background in the past week or so - and if you check out our event website and Facebook page you'll be able to tune into everything that is happening with our favourite luxury car manufacturer :-)

Our calendar competition is coming to a close this weekend - the images for our calendar are on our event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com, and you can vote on your favourite image in our Facebook group - please, please help us to pick the 12 best images for our first ever calendar. Remember that we are working with Scratchshield on this project, and ALL proceeds will be going directly to the RNLI. The pictures YOU help choose will be on walls around the globe next year, so please help us to pick the best ones out from the finalists.

A massive Thankyou to everyone who has joined the events Facebook group recently - it is a great way to keep up to date with everything about our event, Jaguar and the incredible companies that work with us.

Please remember to sign up for this years event - remembering that we support not one but two charities and being not-for-profit, every penny we have after our running costs goes to them enabling us to not just help you connect to the support network out there but also to help the wider community.

Registrations for our annual event are the only income we have as everything else is free - access to our club/forum & specialist registers, competitions, news, info, facebook group, Telegram Chat group, Discount codes are all free to you - so please help us help you by signing up for this years event and lets move forward from the CoronaVirus lockdown and have a great grassroots Jaguar day out :-)  If you have 4 people in your Jaguar it works out at just £1.25 per person for a full day out - incredible value considering we support charity too from that income :-)

OK, here are the stats for those of you into facts and figures, so you can see where we are right now:

Our forum threads have received over 48,197 hits for this years event
Our Facebook group is doing incredibly well with 1036 members currently
Our facebook Page is back to close to capacity with 4955 friends
Our Twitter feed has grown! :-) and we currently have 870 followers there
Our Instagram feed is going from strength to strength and has 1648 followers
we have 21 sponsors (noting we take nothing from them, everything goes to our attendees)
10 trade Stands booked
5 Clubs/Forums will have official presences onsite
We have 7 awards you could win including some new fun awards

We have a great day for you, so please, please sign up for this years event.. you will be made very welcome at our grassroots day out.

Equally we have an incredible deal available for companies supporting Jaguars if you would like a plot on the day - please get in touch if you would like to take advantage of it.. It would be great to hear from you and connect you with our attendees.

Finally, please continue to keep yourself, your family and your Jaguar safe, wherever you may be as we would love to see you at our event.

Oh, one last thing.. lol.. yep there is always something.. Don't forget we have a fixed price deal on local accomodation for you if you are travelling any distance - you could make a weekend of it and catch the sights, and foods :-) of Sussex whilst with us..

Have a great Jaguar weekend everyone :-)

01 July 2020Limited places left for this years event!!

Not long now until our first ever Autumnal Jaguar event - we still have limited places available and recommend signing up sooner rather than later to guarantee your slot. All the sign up information is on our website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com under the '2020 Event' tab. It is just £5 to sign up your Jaguar with up to 4 people included in the cost, and you get all this:

Convoy/Drive as well as main event

Free Welcome Pack per attending Jaguar

Free Talks by The Pro's

Specialists on site to meet you

Some work such as tuning can even be done onsite on the day

Free inclusion in all award voting (you MUST be onsite for this)

Free entry in the Prize Draw for a number of prizes

Discounted lunch at Denbies

A fantastic Grassroots Jaguar Day Out

Show Prices

Limitless Free Advice

Meet the companies that depend on their Jaguars

Fantastic Jaguars from every walk of life

and more....

We are not-for-profit, support the RNLI & Rotary Club, and you can even meet our event Patron Frank Woodford Mbe who will be dropping in on us by helicopter in support of the RNLI.

So go on, sign up for our JaguarForumsUK - The Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners event this September 20th.. whilst we still have spaces available.

26 June 2020Our Friday News and Stats

Welcome to our Friday news and stats, with just 86 days to go until our first ever Autumnal event for you :-)

This week attendees have been voting on our 24 finalist images, to help pick the top 12 images that will go into our 2021 Calendar - you still have until the 4th July to vote, so if you haven't voted yet please get your vote in before then :-)

Our event website has gained a new article in the JLR News section regarding the latest situation with Jaguar design which is well worth reading, and if you check out the 2020 Event section there you will see that the number of attending Jaguars is steadily increasing, which is fantastic - and if you check out the 2020 Gallery you can even see the Jaguars that are attending :-)

Additionally our event is now listed on TrustPilot - so if you feel tempted to review us please follow the link on the events homepage - it would be great to hear what everyone thinks.

Our Facebook group has been growing quite quickly, as has our events Instagram account - a massive Thankyou to everyone who has chosen to get involved with our event - I really appreciate it, and with your help we can make our event even better at everything it does.

If you haven't signed up for our event yet, please consider doing so - you can sign up via the 2020 Event, or the Register Here tabs at the event website - it is £5 to register your Jaguar for 20th September - but we are not-for-profit, and supporting the RNLI & Rotary Club so it is for good causes.

OK, I ran through the attending Jaguar stats earlier this week, so today I will list the more general stats for you, so you have a good idea of how we are (or aren't :-)) doing..

Our forum threads have receieved an incredible 46,987 views
Our event website is seeing between 150 and 40 visitors a day
Our event Twitter feed is steady at 867 followers
Our Instagram account has shot up to 1639 followers
Our Facebook Page now has 4959 friends
Our Facebook Group now has 1014 members

The top 4 countries (in order of numbers) visiting our event website are:

1) UK
2) US
3) Germany
4) Romania

Have a fantastic Jaguar weekend wherever you may be, please keep safe and don't forget to vote for your favourite calendar picture, and to sign up for this years event :-)

23 June 2020Update for everyone - here are the years & models already booked, and more..

Ok it has been quite some time since I worked through this years event statistics with everyone - and it is important that you know where we are with everything, and what you can see, meet, touch and learn about at our event, so here you go:

As of this moment we have Jaguars from the following years attending (noting not everyone tells us the year of their Jag)

1959 x 3
1965 x 1
1966 x 1
1967 x 1
1972 x 2
1973 x 1
1990 x 1
1994 x 1
1995 x 4
1996 x 1
1998 x 2
2000 x 1
2002 x 3
2003 x 5
2004 x 4
2005 x 4
2006 x 2
2007 x 5
2008 x 5
2010 x 2
2011 x 3
2013 x 2
2014 x 11
2015 x 5
2016 x 7
2017 x 2
2018 x 3
2019 x 4
2020 x 3
2021 x 1

Additionally here is a breakdown of the models of Jaguar signed up currently, noting some people have signed up two, and only one of those two will be attending and will be finalised on the day..

D-Type x 1
E-Type x 2
F-Pace x 4
F-type x 12
I-Pace x 1
Mark II x 2
Mark IX x 1
Project 7 x 1
Project 8 x 1
S-Type x 2
S-Type (classic) x 2
S-Type R x 4
XE 25t R Sport x 1
XF x 13
XFRS x 6
XFS x 1
XJ x 5
XJ12 x 1
XJ220 x 1
XJ40 x 1
XJ6 x 1
XJ8 x 2
XJR x 7
XJRS x 1
XJS x 2
XK x 5
XK150 x 1
XK8 x 5
XKR x 4
X-Type x 4

The classifications may have errors in them as I am very dependant on the info we have, but it still gives you a good idea of what we have got signed up so far for this years event.

We are really lucky to have 21 sponsoring companies, we have 10 trade stands booked so far (still very open to bookings), we will have five clubs & forums represented on the day - some with their club areas, we have seven awards you are in with a chance at, plus of course our prize draw at the end of the day.

The day starts at Pease Pottage at 8:30am on the day, with a drive/convoy element from there to Denbies, and then a full itinerary through to around 3:30pm - all this obviously depends on the weather :-(

It is a great day out, very grassroots, very real I guess you could say.. you can connect with a dealership, specialists, meet companies that depend on their Jaguars day in day out, attend talks by specialiasts, get show prices on great products we trust, maybe win one of our awards, and/or a prize at the end of the day.

Denbies is a great location, the food there is great (even for teenagers) and we get a discount too, and you can even pick up some incredible award winning wines on the day too :-)

So go on, if the lockdown has worn you down, and you yearn for a Jaguar event - please get signed up with us - we are one of only a few events still running, are not-for-profit and support both the RNLI & the Rotary Club.. our event Patron may even be attending by helicopter on the day in support of the RNLI.. so go on, give us a go... we even have a special deal in place for discounted accomodation locally if you want to make a weekend of it :-)

19 June 2020We are on TrustPilot!!

We would love any reviews you may want to leave regarding our event - to help us do even better.. just search for JaguarForumsUK on TrustPilot.. and Thankyou

19 June 2020Our Friday Stats and News for you

It's Friday already, and another week closer to our September 20th event :-)

This weekend the voting for the finalists in our 2021 Calendar competition closes, and the top 24 go through to a final round of voting to select the top 12 images to be featured in our calendar. Please make sure you vote, and help us pick the best images for you to have on your wall next year :-)

Our event Facebook group is growing steadily and we are now very close to 1000 members, our Instagram following has been growing, and the number of Jaguars signed up for this years event is steadily swelling in numbers.

We have had incredible support through the lockdown period this year - and I am really grateful for everyones support.. our event has grown in so many ways - with more Jaguar news, our first ever calendar due out for 2021 featuring attendee/members Jaguars, our connectivity to clubs, forums, & specialists has grown and not just in the UK but worldwide, the number of Jaguar owners connecting to everyone they need through the event has grown, and we are now striking up links in countries everywhere.. our grassroot event is fulfilling its ethos of connecting Jaguar Owners to the incredible support network out there whilst offering a great day out, worldwide and this would not have been possible without everyone that is involved with it - a massive Thankyou.. and we intend to keep doing what we are doing with your help :-)

The UK government is continuing to ease the lockdown, our main venue - Denbies, is now partially reopened, and we are versed with the social distancing requirements.. we will be implementing social distancing, supplying hand sanitiser, and doing everything we can to keep everyone safe on the day - as we want to see you all again at our May 2021 event. Our event is one of only a few in the UK that has managed to move it's date forward to September, whilst retaining everything that we were going to offer you in May - so please consider signing up for our event - we have a great grassroots day out for you with show prices, awards, prizes, talks, and of course Jaguars from all walks of life plus incredible company, and if you like wine - Denbies have a number of incredible award winning wines you can buy whilst there :-)

Our event has a registration fee of £5 per Jaguar, but after infrastructure costs (ie keeping the lights on) everything goes to the RNLI & the Round Table - we are not-for-profit, not commercial, and very grassroots/can do :-) SDo you can have a great day out, support charity and quite possibly get to take an award or prize home with you at the end of the day :-)

For those of you into stats, here are this weeks figures for you:

Our forum threads have been hit heavily and have amassed 46,027 hits to date
Our Twitter feed is still steady at 861 followers
Our Instagram feed is steadily growing and now has 1626 followers
Our Facebook Page has 4953 friends
Our Facebook Group is growing fast and now has 992 members

Our event website is still proving popular with jaguar owners worldwide and here are the top 5 in the last week:

1 - UK
2 - US
3 - Germany
4 - Netherlands
5 - Italy

That's all the news for this week regarding our event - please remember that our 2020 event is still running and consider signing up your Jaguar and joining us on the day - Voting is still ongoing for the 2021 Calendar photos - and finally a massive THANKYOU for your support - you have helped us keep going and still manage our 2020 event for you this September :-)

17 June 2020Read our latest LinkedIn article here...

How have we fared through the lockdown? Read the latest info in LinkedIn here

12 June 2020Your Friday update on everything JaguarForumsUK :-)

Welcome to Friday and the usual weekly update on everything to do with our event :-)

The UK government restrictions due to the Coronavirus lockdown are continuing to be lifted, and our venue, the incredible Denbies Wine Estate, have already started reopening their facilities in a limited fashion.

Our booked date of 20th September 2020 is still very much on, however we will be implementing safety first at our event this year with hand sanitiser available at the point of entering as well as throughout the day, distancing between stands, and attendees observing social distancing at all times.

Our event may be later than usual in the year, but will still be very much the grassroots Jaguar event you are used to:

A great mix of specialists, suppliers, and service companies that we know and trust, there for you with show prices and deals.

Awards you will be in with a great chance at, through the day, inc some brand new fun ones.

You will be in with a great chance at winning a prize in our prize draw on the day.

You can not only meet Jaguars from all walks of life, each with their own story, but also get free advice, help with issues, get some work actually performed onsite, and meet other incredible Jaguar owners. There will be talks on the day as well that you can attend and learn from the professionals too.

If you haven't signed up yet for our event, one of the few grassroot Jaguar events still running this year, please consider doing so.. we have a great day out for you.. very grassroots, and real and in truth so much more than your typical event.

This week voting started on our 2021 Calendar pictures! This is our first ever calendar and we are working with the incredible Scratchshield, to bring you the best calendar possible *and* support the RNLI with all proceeds going to them.

You have until the 21st June to vote for your top 4 images (the images are on the event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com under the '2021 Calendar' tab).. by voting in all 4 group polls (groups A, B, C, & D) in our Facebook group.. please get involved and help us pick the best images to go on Jaguar owners walls around the world.

The top 24 images chosen (6 from each group) will be finalists and you get one more vote to help us select the best 12 after the 21st June..

Any images that don't make the top 12 will still be in the calendar, on the back, and one of the top 12 will be chosen by Scratchshield as the 'Scratchshield Jaguar of the Year', winning a prize.

So, please get involved with the voting and help us give you the best calendar possible, and then consider buying one for your workshop, desk back, or wall, helping us to help the RNLI :-)

As you know our event connects you with the support you need, wherever you are.. forums, specialists, suppliers and more.. we have been strengthening our links with New Zealand and Canada recently, as well as some Eastern European countries as part of our ethos to support Jaguar owners everywhere. If you know of any suppliers or specialists in those areas that you trust and are happy to recommend please let me know and we will get them listed for you - the same goes for clubs and support organisations too.

Our forum threads have been heavily hit this week, and our Instagram following is still growing faster than we could have hoped, but this week I'm not going to highlight the figures as the most activity has not been so much there as in our calendar competition.. please, please get involved and help us ensure that you guys have a great Jaguar picture to look at every month next year.. and if you haven't signed up for our 20th Sept event yet.. why not? We have a great day out for you :-)

11 June 2020Plots still available for trade and clubs

We still have plots available at our 2020 event, with incredible deals available. If you would like to run a stand at our 20th September 2020 grassroots event - please get in touch via the 'Contact Us' page - we have some incredible deals available making us one of the best value grassroot Jaguar events out there, and most importantly running this year connecting our attendees with the incredible support network out there.

05 June 2020Our Friday Stats & Competition Update

Welcome to your weekly update on our Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners :-)

The date of our 2020 event is set for the 20th September, giving us our first ever Autumnal event for Jaguar owners, and is looking more and more likely as the UK government continues to increase the easing of restrictions due to the lockdown.

I have made a start on generating the paperwork that comes with your Welcome packs, and our 2021 Calendar competition, which is in support of the incredible RNLI, is at its mid point this weekend.

As of this weekend you will be able to vote for your favourite images of attendee's/members Jaguars, with the top 12 most popular images making it into our 2021 calendar! All the images that don't make it into the top 12 will appear on the back of our calendar ensuring that no one misses out :-)

Just pop over to our events Facebook group, and get voting :-)

We have an initial vote where you can vote in each of four groups of images, with the top 6 from each group going through to the final vote, with you then getting one final vote to select one of the top 12 images.

When we are down to the top 12 images, they will go through to Scratchshield (who are our incredible partners helping bring you this calendar) who will pick the 'Scratchshield Jaguar of the Year' that will appear in the month of May in the calendar, winning a prize as well!!

So, whether you are the 'Scratchshield Jaguar of the Year', one of the top 12, or an entrant that just missed out, you will be in print in our 2021 JaguarForumsUK calendar, and on walls around the world.. with ALL proceeds from calendar sales going to the RNLI to help them save lives at sea.

So, go on.. make good use of your five votes on our event Facebook Group this weekend and help us pick out the best images out there for our calendar.. and we have some incredible images for you to pick from too.. you can check them all out on the events website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com under the '2021 Calendar' tab.

Meanwhile we are still accepting signups for this years event - you get a great day out, connect with specialists that we know and trust, win awards, prizes, meet incredible Jaguars from every walk of life - evey one with it's own story, and help us support two great causes - The RNLI & The Rotary Club through your registration.. so go on, treat yourself and your Jaguar to a great post lockdown day out with a convoy/drive as well as main event :-)

Here are the stats and figures for this week, for those of you looking to see how we are doing:

Our forum threads have received an incredible 43,841 hits so far
Our Facebook Group has grown, and now has 965 members
Our Facebook Page is running at capacity still with 5000 friends
Our Twitter feed is stable at 855 followers
Our Instagram feed has grown to 1565 followers

The top five countries accessing the event website, in order of numbers is:

1) UK
2) Germany
3) US
4) Canada
5) Italy

Additionally we have been forging more links with Canada & New Zealand this week, which is incredible for our grassroots Jaguar event :-)

This week a massive Thankyou goes out to Scratchshield for working so closely with us to bring you our 2021 Calendar, that so many of us are involved with, to everyone getting involved with and supporting our event in so many ways, and especially to our non UK members for connecting with us, and allowing us to connect them with the incredible support network out there.. I am really, really grateful to everyone for their support and involvement.

Please take care, and keep yourself, your family and of course your Jaguars safe through the pandemic as we really, really want to see you all at our next event :-)

As always with me one final thing after the final... DON'T FORGET TO USE YOUR VOTES AND HELP SELECT THE 12 BEST JAGUAR IMAGES FOR OUR 2021 CALENDAR :-)

02 June 2020Competition information - make sure you use your votes!!

Hi there, Welcome to Tuesday!

I know, I know you are thinking it's not a Friday, and what this could possibly be happening regarding our event in just the last three days..

Our events' 2021 Calendar has now closed to entries, and voting for the top 12 pictures (yep, one per month) opens on the 6th June.

All proceeds from calendar sales are going to the incredible RNLI, and every month will feature one of our attendee Jaguars :-) PLUS after all twelve have been selected by you, one of them will be awarded the title 'Scratchshield Jaguar of the Year' which comes with a prize!!

So, go on.. take a look at the entries on our event website at www.jaguarforumsUK.com under the '2021 Calendar' tab, and get voting this weekend!

The voting will be by polls on the event Facebook group, with 4 groups in the first phase, giving you not 1 but 4 votes for the best images.. the top 24 from there will go through to phase 2 where you will have one more vote to vote for your favourite image.

So go on, help pick the best images for our 2021 Calendar, guaranteeing you a great year with our calendar on your wall, making every month a Jaguar month for you - and all proceeds from calendar sales going to help the RNLI, who are currently really struggling with the lockdown easing.

29 May 2020Attendee Accomodation post lockdown

Please see this update from our accomodation suppliers:

Due to the current situation many of our team are now on furlough while the hotel operates at significantly reduced occupancy for our valued key workers and critical responders, so apologies for the delay in responding to your email.

I can see that all amendments have been made to your group booking and the new dates are now active for bookings. Please use the following booking link to advertise online booking for your discounted rate: https://www.hiexpress.com/redirect?path=hd&brandCode=EX&localeCode=en&regionCode=925&hotelCode=CRYUK&_PMID=99801505&GPC=JF1&cn=no&viewfullsite=true.

For telephone bookings; we currently advise against calling the hotel to make bookings as the phone lines are incredibly busy and the reduced staffing is leading to a delay in picking up calls, we have therefore diverted calls to our central bookings team. Bookings can be made via the discounted rate with central reservations and the code JF1 must be quoted to receive the rate. Central reservations: 0800 40 50 60.


29 May 2020This weeks news & stats for you

Welcome to our usual Friday News and Stats bringing you up to date with our event :-)

A massive Thankyou goes out to everyone who has submitted images of their Jaguars for the 2021 Calendar, I really appreciate it, and don't forget all proceeds from calendar sales go to the incredible RNLI, and it could be YOUR Jaguar on walls around the world through 2021 :-)

It has been a huge success so we are extending the time you have to get any last minute entries in, and you now need to get your entries in by midnight on the 5th June - so if you haven't had a chance to organise a photo, or get it in to us you now have a few more days to do so.. and voting on the images will start on the 6th June.. Good luck!

I have (as has everyone) been watching the news intently for news regarding outdoor events and as of Monday outdoor markets are being allowed, and a few weeks later indoor markets, so I am now 80% sure we will be Ok with our new dateof the 20th September as long as we practice social distancing, supply sanitiser etc etc.. so, if you haven't signed up for our 2020 event yet, please do.. we would love to have you and your Jaguar with us on the day. I believe we will be one of the first grassroot Jaguar events back up and running post lockdown too, helping Jaguar owners reconnect with our event, and the incredible support network that we work with, heping support you and your Jaguar.accomopdation with

Those of you who have booked accomodation for our event using our attendee deal, please check your booking has been moved forweard correctly to the new date as we have had a couple of attendees whose bookings were not moved forward correctly - so please check your bookin, and if there are any issues or problems drop me a line at stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsUK.com and I will follow things through for you.

Our event website has been growing and is well worth checking out if you get the opportunity, and this weekend we are reviewing a bargain basement rear view mirror with built in dashcam for those of you with limited windscreen estate and/or a limited budget - again well worth checking out.

OK, here are this weeks stats for you, so you can see how we are doing as we approach our first ever autumn event:

We have receieved an incredible 42,849 hits on our forum threads
Our Facebook Group is still growing and now has 961 members
Our Instagram account now has 1537 followers
Our Twitter account is stable at 856 followers
Our Telegram Chat Group is also stable at 36 members

This week we have a new lineup of countries that have been visiting our event website, and we welcome a new country :

1) UK
2) Germany
3) US
4) Bangladesh
5) Canada

That's it for this week - please, please keep yourselves, your families, and of course your Jaguars safe wherever you are and don't forget to get those images in for the 2021 Calendar, and to make sure you have signed up for our first ever Autumn event this 20th September :-)

22 May 2020Our Friday News and Stats for you :-)

Welcome to our usual Friday news and stats regarding our event.. :-)

Our calendar competition, working with the incredible Scratchshield on this, is doing better than expected with 46 entries online already. You only have until the end of May 2020 to get your entries in, and it is well worth doing so, and it may well be your Jaguar in print in our 2021 JaguarForumsUK Calendar.

A massive Thankyou to the team at Scratchshield for their support with this, with all proceeds from calendar sales going to one of our supported charities - the RNLI.

To enter Your Jaguar you need to have either attended one of our previous events, or be signed up for our next event if you are in the UK. If you are outside the UK you need to be a member of our facebook group.. just email your pics to calendar@jaguarforumsUK.com along with up to 140 characters describing the image.

In June everyone who is a member of our Facebook group gets to vote on the image they feel is best for our calendar - the top 12 get into the calendar, with one of them selected by Scratchshield as the Scratchshield Jaguar of the Year. If you miss out on the top 12 you still get your image onto the back of the calendar - how cool is that?

Proceeds from the sale of our calendar will go to the RNLI..

Meanwhile you can see all the images that we have so far on our event website under the '2021 Calendar' tab andf start to figure out which one your vote might be going on next month.

I have been making contact with companies in sectors that we do not currently work with, and am hoping we can get to a point where we can connect you with an even wider range of support than we do currently..

Our event website has a new section being run by Ionut Shupy - please take a look at it when you get a chance..

Our event date for this year is very much set as 20th September, and we are watching the current easing of the lockdown very carefully - and whilst we cannot be sure yet, we are very very hopeful that we can run our event (usually this weekend) as an Autumn event for you guys - and will be amongst the first and biggest grassroots events to run after lockdown giving you a great chance at a day out, JaguarForumsUK style :-)

OK, time for some stats for those of you wanting to know how we are doing..

Our forum threads have now received an incredible 41,809 hits
Our event Facebook Group (well worth joining) now has 952 members
Our event Facebook Page (you can link to the group from there) has 5000 friends
Our Instagram account is still growing and we have 1514 followers there
Our Twitter account has 854 followers
Our Calendar Competition has 46 entries so far

The top five countries accessing our event website in the past week (in order of numbers) are:

1) United Kingdom
2) United States
3) Germany
4) Romania
5) Netherlands

And this is also represented in our calendar competition with images from around the globe - the entries from furthest from the UK currently is Malaysia!

Please keep yourselves, your families and your Jaguars safe wherever you are, and don't forget to sign up for our September 20th 2020 event, and to get your calendar entries in before the end of this month...

21 May 2020Calendar Competition Update

Less than two weeks to go until our Calendar competition closes to entries and a massive Thankyou to everyone who has submitted pictures so far.

Next month we will all be voting on the images, to select the ones we want to see through 2021 - so I have a few hints for anyone still yet to put an image in..

Bodywork shine/reflections will help promote our partner in the calendar - a lot of us already depend on the incredible Scratchshield wash system

Location, location, location - a background that adds to your Jaguar or gives it more context is important

If you have a Jaguar model that doesn't get as much general coverage, or is just unusual - maybe even customised or tweaked it is well worth getting an image in.

So go on, we all have pics of our Jaguars, maybe more of them than our families :-) get your images in before the end of May and you may well make our first ever JaguarForumsUK Calendar - not only will you be helping the RNLI with the sales of the calendar, but YOUR Jaguar will be on walls around the globe..

If you don't make the top 12 don't worry (subject to numbers) you will stiil appear on the back of the calendar so you don't miss out :-)

Plus, don't forget - Scratchshield will be picking out the Scratchshield Jaguar of 2021 for the May 2021 slot, the month of our 2021 event :-)

Good luck to everyone who has already entered, or will be entering before the end of May 2020!

(Don't forget full t&c's and details of how to enter Your jaguar can be found under the '2021 Calendar' tab on our event website at www.jaguarforumsUK.com)

A massive Thankyou to Jeff Shield at Scratchshield for this incredible opportunity for all of us.. enabling us to do more than ever for you, and one of our supported charities.

15 May 2020The latest Friday Update inc Calendar competition, our Registers and more

It's Friday already & Welcome to our usual Friday news and stats :-)

As you may know, we are working with one of our incredible event sponsors, Scratchshield to not only produce our first ever JaguarForumsUK calendar, but also support the incredible RNLI and give you a great chance to get your Jaguar in print. We have until the end of May to get all the entries in, and then you get to vote for your favourite entry in June. The top 12 will be in the 2021 calendar, and one of them will be chosen by Scratchshield as the Scratchshield Jaguar of the Year too.

To get your Jaguar into our 2021 calendar go to our event website at www.jaguarforumsUK.com and click on the 2021 Calendar tab there. All the information you need to submit your Jaguar for voting is there, along with a link to where to send your picture and 140 characters of text to.

Our Specialist Register has almost doubled in size in the past week - but we very much need more information on Specialists globally now, as we really want to ensure all Jagsters, wherever you are can access recommended local support for you and your Jaguar - so if you know of any specialists in your area please get the details into us.

To get your recommendations into our Specialist Register just email your recommendations to stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsUK.com along with all the contact info for them and we will get them added to the Register for you.

Our Instagram following has continued its incredible growth, and we are truly being followed globally now which is incredible.

We may have quite a bit going on, but we are also currently getting organised for our  planned date of 20th September - if you would like to attend just visit our event website at www.jaguarforumsUK.com and click on the 2021 Event tab - all the info on the event is there, along with how to sign up for it and if you want to see who, and what Jaguars are booked so far take a look in the 2021 Gallery where pictures of most of the attending Jaguars can be found.

A massive Thankyou to everyone for supporting our event despite the lockdown and temporary lacking of our event.. please feel free to get involved with everything we are doing here, and help us to help Jagsters worldwide, and if you get involved with the JaguarForumsUK 2021 calendar you will not only be potentially getting into print, but also helping us get the calendar on walls across the world, and help support one of our two nominated charities - the RNLI.

OK guys, here are soem of this weeks stats for you  showing how we are doing:

Our forum threads have received an incredible 47,000 hits
Our Twitter feed now has 841 followers
Our Instagram feed is still growing and has 1,488 followers
Our Facebook group has grown to 946 members from all around the world

Top countries visiting the event website (in order of numbers) is :
1) UK
2) Germany
3) Netherlands
4) United States
5) Canada

Our calendar competition launched just a few days ago already has 12 entries, with more entries I have yet to process.. and we have two more weeks for you to get your entry in.. and don't forget if you are a member of our event Facebook group to get yourself added to the Facebook Group Register too please :-)

Please stay safe there, wherever you maybe and look after yourselves, your families, and of course your Jaguars :-)

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