04 August 2020
What to expect on September 20th

OK Guys,

Various bits of news for you regarding our event so you know where we are with things.

We have now issued 172 out of a potential 200 Access passes for our event, meaning on the one hand that we have a lot for you to meet, see and learn about on the day but on the other hand we are down to just 28 places still available.. I may a little wriggle room on this number but not much - so if you haven't registered yet - this moment in time is the PERFECT time to register. Just visit the 'Register Here' tab at the event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com

Also, I still have yet to hear from a number of our sponsors however so far we have a very healthy looking prize fund for our prize draw that you will all be in, and our Welcome Packs are growing *but* will be more information based than previous years due to the majority of our sponsors still recovering from the lockdown period.

In amongst the shift in what we have on offer, the itinerary will definitely be shifting around a little from what we currently have listed, so please keep an eye on the '2020 Event' tab on our website, or the News feed there.

Please remember that in amongst the changes this year due to Covid19 and the lockdown you will likely find:

Pease Pottage will be a Meet & Greet - look for a JaguarForumsUK flag, show your pass, and collect your Welcome Pack

At Denbies we will have more marshals than before as we have the Rotary Club assisting us so you should be able to get into the main venue more quickly

The organisers stand (yep me) will have a Covid 19 Hand Sanitiser Station there for everybody from the moment I manage to get on site - additionally we will have a limited supply of masks for those that require them.

This years event is much less trade orientated and much more club orientated taking us back towards club and forum support, which we all depend on as a first point of contact when we have issues

The prize draw depends on you being on site for it and your Access Pass is your ticket in it.. yep, multipurpose passes this year :-)

Additionally we have more awards this year, subject to the pledged awards arriving from our various sponsors, so there will be a lot of judging going on through the day and you are in with a very good chance at them.

Every year I am working on next years event just before or on the day of the current event - and this year is no different except that this year you can book for next years event at this years event!! Yep, the info and application form will be in your Welcome Pack on the day.

Finally, please note that this years event has been the biggest challenge I have ever taken on, and without the incredible event team we now have, and your support year in year out we would not have managed this years event - Thankyou everyone!! The format of this years event may be a little different due to everything that has been going on this year, but I promise you we still have the best Great British Day Out for you possible :-)

Many thanks,

Steve Sheldon

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