23 June 2020
Update for everyone - here are the years & models already booked, and more..

Ok it has been quite some time since I worked through this years event statistics with everyone - and it is important that you know where we are with everything, and what you can see, meet, touch and learn about at our event, so here you go:

As of this moment we have Jaguars from the following years attending (noting not everyone tells us the year of their Jag)

1959 x 3
1965 x 1
1966 x 1
1967 x 1
1972 x 2
1973 x 1
1990 x 1
1994 x 1
1995 x 4
1996 x 1
1998 x 2
2000 x 1
2002 x 3
2003 x 5
2004 x 4
2005 x 4
2006 x 2
2007 x 5
2008 x 5
2010 x 2
2011 x 3
2013 x 2
2014 x 11
2015 x 5
2016 x 7
2017 x 2
2018 x 3
2019 x 4
2020 x 3
2021 x 1

Additionally here is a breakdown of the models of Jaguar signed up currently, noting some people have signed up two, and only one of those two will be attending and will be finalised on the day..

D-Type x 1
E-Type x 2
F-Pace x 4
F-type x 12
I-Pace x 1
Mark II x 2
Mark IX x 1
Project 7 x 1
Project 8 x 1
S-Type x 2
S-Type (classic) x 2
S-Type R x 4
XE 25t R Sport x 1
XF x 13
XFRS x 6
XFS x 1
XJ x 5
XJ12 x 1
XJ220 x 1
XJ40 x 1
XJ6 x 1
XJ8 x 2
XJR x 7
XJRS x 1
XJS x 2
XK x 5
XK150 x 1
XK8 x 5
XKR x 4
X-Type x 4

The classifications may have errors in them as I am very dependant on the info we have, but it still gives you a good idea of what we have got signed up so far for this years event.

We are really lucky to have 21 sponsoring companies, we have 10 trade stands booked so far (still very open to bookings), we will have five clubs & forums represented on the day - some with their club areas, we have seven awards you are in with a chance at, plus of course our prize draw at the end of the day.

The day starts at Pease Pottage at 8:30am on the day, with a drive/convoy element from there to Denbies, and then a full itinerary through to around 3:30pm - all this obviously depends on the weather :-(

It is a great day out, very grassroots, very real I guess you could say.. you can connect with a dealership, specialists, meet companies that depend on their Jaguars day in day out, attend talks by specialiasts, get show prices on great products we trust, maybe win one of our awards, and/or a prize at the end of the day.

Denbies is a great location, the food there is great (even for teenagers) and we get a discount too, and you can even pick up some incredible award winning wines on the day too :-)

So go on, if the lockdown has worn you down, and you yearn for a Jaguar event - please get signed up with us - we are one of only a few events still running, are not-for-profit and support both the RNLI & the Rotary Club.. our event Patron may even be attending by helicopter on the day in support of the RNLI.. so go on, give us a go... we even have a special deal in place for discounted accomodation locally if you want to make a weekend of it :-)

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