Latest Event News.

Our event may only happen once a year, but there is always something on the go right through the year. Whether it be competitions, special offers or discounts, sponsorship changes, or even the weather updates as we approach the day itself and it will all appear here.

(If you have any Jaguar orientated news you would like mentioned here please just email the details to News@JaguarForumsUK.com)



17 September 2020Just three days to go and a mini update for you

Hi Guys,

Just three days to go and counting :-)

I strongly recommend that you consider subscribing to our event broadcast channel t.me/JaguarForumsUKeventmanagement as there will be changes to the itinerary on the day due to the increased Covid restrictions that came into effect on Monday - and we will be making sure that this channel carries all the info you need on the day without overloading you.

Our first ever JaguarForumsUK calendar is now in stock, but looks to be a limited print run. We will have them available at £5 each from the Organisers stand on the day (cash or Paypal payments accepted) and I have ordered in a stock of padded envelopes due in with me early next week so I can ship them by post to anyone in the UK or abroad if wanted at £5.00 plus postage and packing. remember all proceeds after costs are going to the RNLI :-)

Please make sure you have your Access Pass with you and on display at both Pease Pottage and Denbies as it is your access pass to entry, track and trace, award judging, your food discount, and even the prize draw - yep, despite Covid we are still managing to give you a lot on the day that we think you will love.

We are on schedule for some announcements on the day that we think you will love, and plans are already on the go for next years event which is coming up fast.. we already have a number of people registered for it, and this years event hasn't happened yet :-)

On the day please, please help us to look after everyone - if you see a group of over six people please ask them to reduce the group to six, and if you have any issues just come and find me and I will resolve the situation.

On the day you will see people all over the place with high viz vests on - you can catch any of them should you have any issues on the day.. if they can't resolve things for you please track me down and I will do all I can for you.

Frank Woodford Mbe will be arriving in style (and leaving that way too :-)) so please respect the marshals decisions regarding things as the helicopter approaches and lands, and the same when leaving, they are trying to ensure that you are safe during the process.

Right up to the day itself please keep an eye on our event website, and Facebook group for the latest info and if you can please, please subscribe to our event broadcast channel as that will ensure you miss out on nothing on the day :-)

15 September 2020Need to know where we are with things?

OK guys, I know a lot of people are looking for updates as to where we are with literally everything. This is the first year I have such a huge battle and uphill slog to ensure we have a great day out, let alone also launch improvements for all of us.

The event is still very much on, in fact we even have a West Sussex Councillor attending so please feel reassured everything is still very much running.

There is still ongoing discussions regarding trade stands and who will or wont be with us on the day.. I had actually expected in view of everything to have less trade stands than are currently booked with us so we are actually doing better than I had expected on that front.

The huge plus this year has been club involvement we have been hugely successful, compared to previous years, in getting clubs onboard and this is something we will be announcing a big change on, at our event.

We are supplying sanitiser, and (where needed) masks free of charge, are running a sanitisation station, have included intructions from the W.H.O. explaining how to keep safe, posting signs to remind people on distancing, and will be policing the 1M+ spacing as well as ensuring no more than six in any one group. Additionally we are at an official Covid Secure Venue.. so we are complying with all regulations and laws, and wherever we can exceeding those requirements to keep everyone safe.

We are running the usual prize draw - your Access Pass is the ticket to this, as well as an increased number of awards that your Jaguars will be judged for.

For the first year ever you can pick up your JaguarForumsUK Calendar on the day, noting we can accept cash or paypal (scan and pay) payments only on the Organiser stand.

Our Welcome Packs are not as packed as usual for which I apologise but we have done everything we can with what we have received from our event sponsors who are as hard hit as us.

Our event patron Frank Woodford MBE will be attending by helicopter so if you have the top of your Jaguar down at our event, please make sure it is up and locked in place for 11am - after his arrival you can open your roof again.

There will be some changes in itinerary on the day so please keep an eye out for the update as and when they become available - our Telegram Broadcast channel for the event is a great source not just now but through the day too notifying you of changes, whats about to happen etc and it is at t.me/JaguarForumsUKeventmanagement

We have achieved a lot this year with increased membership, our annual event has grown, our registers are now global, we have a calendar featuring YOUR Jaguars, we have our first promotional items - very basic but creating a huge stir with the team as it is another first for us, increased links with clubs and forums, PLUS some big announcements to make on the day, and none of it would have been possible without your support - Thankyou and please enjoy our Great Day Out this Sunday

11 September 2020Last big News and Stats post before our 2020 Event

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the last big news and stats update before our event next weekend.

So, so much has been going on I'm not too sure where to start.

We survived the UK governments changes in legislation, and this has been verified by our event Patron Frank Woodford MBE who has access to the House papers, and Denbies Team management too.

We have a hand sanitiser station at Denbies, instructions on the use of it in your Welcome and Info Packs, signage to remind you to social distance, will be policing the new government ruling of no more than six people around any one car or trade/club stand, and doing our best to keep everyone safe. We will also have a limited supply of masks should anyone need one.

Your Access Pass is the key to everything on the day.. it needs to be displayed on the dashboard for entry, & award judging (which is going on through the day). You need to take it with you into Denbies to claim your 10% discount on food via the conservatory restaurant or food hatch, and it is your entry into the Prize draw at the end of the day.

Frank Woodford MBE will be arriving by helicopter on the day at arounf 10:45am, and leaving mid afternoon. At these times please keep children and pets safe, and away from the helicopter, and follow the instructions of marshals throughout - they are there to help keep you safe. 

We have the biggest event ever this year with more Jaguar models than ever, and spanning from the 1950's right through to 2020 (and yes the 50's does pre-date me before you ask :-))

Covid has had a huge effect on our event, with a stack of new procedures being added to how we run, health and safety concerns coming to the fore, and even managing to run the event at all.

It has also had a devastating effect on our event sponsors' capability to support us. As a result you may find less trade stands than you might have expected, & the Welcome Packs are not as well populated as you are used to. A few of our sponsors have really stepped up to the plate though despite everything. For example we are hoping to have our 2021 Calendar available at the event (its going to be close) and it has been produced in close association with Scratchshield, in support of the RNLI - a massive Thankyou to them for this - our first ever calendar, with our members Jaguars featured throughout :-)

Our Pease Pottage start point has been reduced to a meet and greet service to minimise contact - please ensure you know your Access Pass number in order to get booked in and receieve your Welcome pack or Info pack ()noting that these have all been in storage for one week prior to the event to ensure they do not carry Covid.

At Denbies you will need to log in again with the marshals (all part of track and trace) and please follow their instructions carefully so we can get everyone in, and settled as quickly as possible.

The start of event speech (itinerary in your pack) is important to listen out for as you will learn about any changes to the itinerary, last minute info, and learn who needs to have their Jaguar ready for judging when.

I will let you know more as and when I know it.... :-)

Meanwhile, please take a look at the span of Jaguar models, and years we have this year (noting that I am not known for accuracy and am dependant on the info you guys have given me :-))

Daimler Double Six x 1
Daimler Sovereign x 1
D-Type x 2
E-Type x 6
F-pace x 4
F-Type x 19
F-Type R x 8
F-Type SVR x 2
F-Type S x 4
I-Pace x 1
Jaguar 420 x 2
Mk II x 2
Mk IX x 1
Project 7 x 1
Project 8 x 1
S-type x 5
S-Type (Classic) x 2
S-Type R x 10
XE x 9
XF x 14
XFR x 1
XFRS x 7
XFS x 2
XJ6 x 6
XJ8 x 5
XJ220 x 1
XJL x 2
XJR x 18
XJS x 5
XK x 9
XK150 x 4
XK8 x 24
XKR x 32
X-Type x 7

1959 x 3
1960 x 1
1962 x 1
1964 x 1
1965 x 1
1966 x 1
1967 x 1
1968 x 1
1969 x 1
1970 x 1
1971 x 1
1972 x 1
1973 x 1
1975 x 1
1986 x 1
1989 x 1
1990 x 2
1992 x 1
1993 x 1
1994 x 2
1995 x 5
1996 x 4
1997 x 3
1998 x 6
1999 x 1
2000 x 4
2001 x 4
2002 x 8
2003 x 14
2004 x 12
2005 x 6
2006 x 7
2007 x 12
2008 x 8
2009 x 2
2010 x 10
2011 x 7
2012 x 5
2013 x 4
2014 x 12
2015 x 12
2016 x 16
2017 x 5
2018 x 6
2019 x 6
2020 x 7

Please have a great (and safe) weekend, and don't forget this weekend is the perfect time to start getting your Jaguar ready for the biggest JaguarForumsUK Great British Day Out ever run.. 

09 September 2020CONFIRMED Our event can legally go ahead next week!!

Further to the govt announcement I have spoken to Denbies who have confirmed we can legally go ahead.. for your info here is a copy of the Facebook group post that has just gone up...


OK Guys,

An important announcement regarding our 20th September 2020 event that is just a few days away.

The entire team here has literally put thousands of hours into this event and everything around it to try to ensure we have the best event possible, and to keep you entertained, up to date, informed and involved right throu gh the year until our next event in May 2021- our big 10th anniversary event.

So it was with heavy hearts and trepidation that we, as well as you, read the news headlines stating no more than six people in a gathering in the past few days with the legislation cutting in 6 days before our event.

We waited patiently for the full details to be released, as we all know the devil is in the detail with these things - no telling how it would effect us.

As bad luck would have it my day job picked up during the afternoon and I was only able to keep tabs of the main points, however Peter Simpson who is on our event team managed to keep tabs on it for us and confirmed that as long as we were at a Covid Secure Venue, were running Covid19 procedures AND ensure than there is never more than six people at a trade stand or with a car then we are legally able to run the event. Denbies is a Covid Secure venue, and we are already running Covid19 protocols with sanitisation, Covid safety instructions in your Welcome Packs and Info Packs, signage around the event to remind you of social distancing, hand sanitisation station, masks available (limited supply) if needed by anyone, the start point is a meet and greet with Welcome & Info packs stored for one week to ensure no risk of Covid on them, plus of course policing you guys to ensure social distancing wherever possible AND we NOW need to ensure no more than six people in a group but it means we can run our event, and do so legally and safely for everyone.

So, please note you only have a few days to get your Jaguars cleaned up and ready for judging on Sunday 20th - noting we cannot run the interactive quiz as planned this year but everything else is running inc the Cleanest Engine Bay, Best Exhaust Tone and the incredible Scratchshield Best Turned Out Jag shield is looking for a new home between 20th September of 30th May plus many more awards, and prizes to grab during the day.. we are hoping the 2021 Calendars (our first ever calendar) will be with us in time for the event too.. featuring our own members Jaguars every month of the year with some of the Jaguars that just missed out in the back section of the calendar for you to check out and see if you know any of them :-)

If you know anyone with a Jaguar that hasn't signed up for our event, point them our way as we still have some free slots available at the discounted rate of £4 with a JaguarForumsUK Info Pack instead of the full Welcome Pack...

Finally (you know there is always something extra to add at the end with me) THANKYOU for bearing with us whilst we waited for the final confirmation - I genuinely appreciated everyones enquiries and support as we got the right side of the rapidly changing laws.


08 September 2020How to claim your 10% discount on feed at Denbies on the day

A quick announcement for everyone:

To claim your 10% discount in the restaurant or at the hatch at Denbies you will need to present your Access Pass to the staff.

Please remember to put your Access Pass back on your dashboard after lunch to remain in the Award judging that is going on through the day.

07 September 2020All the news about this years event - subscribe for free now

Are you already registered for our event in less than two weeks time? If not, time is running out and don't forget we now have discounted registrations in place at just £4 per Jaguar - that's just £1 per person if you can fit three passengers in your Jaguar.. making our event incredible value as you get entry into the prize draw, your Jaguar will be joining other attending Jaguars vying for a number of judged awards - some of which are brand new this year, and of course the incredible Scratchshield Best Turned Out Jag shield that is passed from winner to winner each year.

If you would like to be informed of everything to do with this years event, on the fly, you need to subscribe to our free broadcast channel at t.me/JaguarForumsUKeventmanagement - all the weather, traffic, and event news between now and right through the day itself will be posted there to help you get the most out of your day with us.

04 September 2020Latest update with just 15 days to go!!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to this weeks update regarding our event, with just 15 days to go!

So, so much is going on currently - we have 216 Jaguars/Bentleys signed up for this years event so far, after cancellations, and a few people moving their booking forward to next year.

We already have Jaguars registered spanning from the 1950's right through to 2020 for you to meet, and almost have the final list of companies that can make it to the event to meet you.

We have a load of development going on on the background, keeping not just me, but the entire event team busy.. and we think you will really love the improvements that are coming and will be announced on the day :-)

Discussions have been ongoing with Denbies regarding the numbers, and whilst their catering is able to deal with the numbers, their toilet facilities may struggle, so they are quoting us for some Portaloo's to ensure that no-one has an issue with long queues for toilets.

We are also adding signs around the entire main venue reminding people to keep 2m apart wherever possible, which should work well alongside our Covid19 procedures already in place.

This is adding to our event costs, but these all help us to keep you safe on the day. Noting that donations towards this years costs are very, very welcome with all this going on - there is a link on the events' website homepage if you would be happy to help.

I'm not sure if everyone is completely up to date with how we are having to run things this year so here is a quick rundown on things for you:

First of all ALL the info on traffic, queues, marshalling incidents, features during the day, warnings and announcements will be broadcast on our new event broadcast chanel on Telegram - full signup details are on our event website (it's free as are most things with our event :-)) - I really do recommend you signing up to it..

Pease Pottage Services Car Park will be a Meet & Greet Service.. just look for the JaguarForumsUK flag in the car park and come with your Access Pass

You will receive your Welcome Pack, or Info pack depending on your registration

At Denbies we will have more marshals than ever before to help you get into the main event quickly and efficiently - please, please follow the marshals instructions and ensure your access pass is visible, as you will be checked in (track and trace requirements)

Please try to make it to the start of day speech, and listen out for announcements about judging - the judges will be judging cars for a number of awards through the day and for example the engine bay and exhaust tone judging is very early on and you will need to have your Jaguar ready for the judges to look over/hear if they are to include you.

Lunchtime will be staggered to a degree - if you see the queues growing please refrain from adding to the queue and maybe return in 30 minutes when the queue will likely be shorter.

The Prize Draw and Awards require that you and your Jaguar are onsite in order to be able to present any awards/prizes you have won, so please try to stick with us for the day or you may miss out.

This is by far the most complex, and largest event we have ever run with more club areas, a whole new layout for you to enjoy, more awards spanning more criteria, plus all the additional protocols and facilities regarding Covid19. We have had huge issues with our sponsors not yet being fully recovered from lockdown, costs regarding pulling everything into place that we need to do, to remain within governmental requirements, and with lockdown on events such as ours only having been announced a couple of months ago.

So I must apologise for the huge list of rules and so on this year, and for asking for donations.. this is all stuff that we have been battling with to get this show on the road for you.. *but* I think we have not only managed it, but have done so a lot better than anyone on the team had thought possible.. our Facebook group has gone from strength to strength, our Telegram chat group is doing OK, we have more groups and clubs involved with us than ever before, and we have a raft of improvements and changes almost in place for you that will be announced on the day.. I believe everything will go smoothly on the day, but I would also like to say Sorry now, in case anything doesn't go to plan.. there is usually something, but we have genuinely done everything we can possibly do to get everything right for you..

Finally, you can keep an eye on the countdown clock on the event website as we count down to the day itself, and I and the whole event team hope you have an incredible 'Great Day Out' with us on the 20th Septmeber :-)

31 August 2020Running out of time to register!!

Hi Guys,

We are now just 20 days away from what is already the biggest JaguarForumsUK event we have ever run with 395 people and 217 vehicles registered for our Great Day Out! 

We have a discount in place for last minute attendees, but instead of getting the full Welcome Pack you only get the JaguarForumsUK information pack - but saying that it is the most comprehensive information pack we have ever produced.

We have more clubs, forums, and owner clubs onsite and represented than ever before plus you get free inclusion in the award judging, and prize draw (noting you MUST be onsite for these to be included) plus we have a demonstration of Jaguar diagnostic equipment in action so you can see exactly what happens when your jaguar goes in for work.

We have implemented track & trace, and have a Covid19 sanitisation station onsite plus we will be policing social distancing to help keep everyone safe.

So why not register YOUR Jaguar for this years event? If you like this years event you are going to love our 10th anniversary event next year!

You can register quickly and easily by going to our event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com and clicking on the '2020 Event' tab. At the bottom of the page you will find a registration form you can fill in.

Our event connects Jaguar Owners with clubs, forums, specialists and more - with recommendations to help you find the support you need.. so why not get involved and help us to help you and Jaguar owners globally?

25 August 2020We have run out of stock of Welcome Packs - but have a new Registration deal for you

As of today we have officially run out of not only places, but also Welcome Packs. But we know that there is still a number of Jaguar owners out there who want to register but haven't had a chance to do so yet, in fact we have a queue already for any additional places.

So for the first year ever we are offering an additional 80 places with a JaguarForumsUK information pack, instead of a full Welcome Pack for a reduced registration of just £4 per Jaguar.

But be aware that places are genuinely disappearing fast so please book sooner rather than later if you want to take advantage of this offer :-)


20 August 2020Where are we so far?

There is nothing worse than not knowing what is happening with things, so I figured it was time for an update on everything regarding our event, which is in just one months time :-)

As of the moment of typing this we have just 10 places left available out of the 150 places initially available plus the additional 50 places added a few weeks ago.

The Information Packs are not only more complete than ever before, but are all ncompleted and ready to go.

The Welcome Packs are still waiting on any last minute items arriving noting that a lot of our sponsors are still struggling after lockdown so the packs are not as well populated as usual.

In your Welcome Pack on the day you will find our first ever promotional item - yes, we have made a start on ensuring you can show your support for JaguarForumsUK even when not at one of our events.. it's nothing huge, but quite unusual and a bit of a talking point :-), but expect the range of promotional items to grow next year :-)

This year we have not only the largest number of Jaguars, but the widest ranging number of different models attending, including some exotic and rare ones making this years event genuinely our best ever.

As you are likely aware we will not be alone this year, we will be running our event side by side with a Bentley Owners Group, and whilst their group is completely seperate from JaguarForumsUK, we are hosting their event in the space to the left of our event, and additionally whilst our awards etc are specific to our event, the prize draw is being supported by both us and the Bentley Owners Group Event.

The layout at Denbies has yet to be finalised, but I am waiting on any additional feedback from sponsors and traders and the last figures in terms of attendees at both events.

For our next event we have a number of new features the team & I are working on to make registration, and entry into our Anniversary event smoother than ever, plus much better club and group integration as we want as many clubs and groups represented at our 2021 event. We think you will love the new features :-)

Our event Facebook group has been growing steadily as this event approaches, and our event website is consistently receiving more visitors per day than the same time last year which is great.

We are still very much looking for recommended suppliers - these are companies you swear by regarding your Jaguar and would be happy to recommend to other Jaguar owners.. please email the details of any specialists you swear by to me at stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsuk.com and I'll make sure everyone knows of them.

Additionally I know there are a lot of clubs and groups that are not yet listed in our club and forum register - if you are a member of a great club you think people should know about please email their details across to me and I will get them added in so everyone can find them.

Our first ever calendar has just passed on its final proof, and will  hopefully be available on the day of our event - we can also arrange to post it out to anyone after that date, wherever you are. The final cost is likely to be £5 (tbc) plus postage costs, and don't worry we are happy to ship to anywhere in the UK or worldwide if wanted.. also the proceeds from every calendar go to support the incredible RNLI - so you get a great calendar for 2021 with our members Jaguars there every month, and are supporting the RNLI at the same time.. win-win :-)

Have a great, and safe, weekend everyone and I look forward to meeting you all on the day :-)

19 August 2020Availability of places for our 2020 Event

We are at the time of writing this, down to just 12 places still available for registration, so please book soon if you want to attend, as we are running out of space :-)

13 August 2020What can you meet on the day? Here are the stats..

Here are the current stats on the Jaguars attending our event this year noting I am not known for my accuracy, I have grouped all sub groups and generations together, and I am dependant on the information I have here.. however this should still give you a good idea of what you can see, meet and learn about on the day as we are only 15 Jaguars short of our maximum capacity for this year..

Jaguars by model (note not by sub model):

Daimler Sovereign x 1
D-Type x 2
E- Type x 3
F-Pace x 4
F-Type x 24
I- Pace x 1
420 x 1
Mk II x 2
Mk IX x 1
Project 7 x 1
Project 8 x 1
S-Type (modern) x 13
S-Type (Classic) x 2
XE x 3
XF x 24
XJ x 36
XJ220 x 1
XJ40 x 1
XK x 51
XK150 x 3
X-Type x 7

And here are the years of production numbers to give you an idea of the span of years and numbers for each year:

1959 x 2
1960 x 1
1964 x 1
1965 x 1
1966 x 1
1967 x 1
1971 x 1
1972 x 2
1973 x 1
1975 x 1
1986 x 1
1990 x 1
1994 x 2
1995 x 5
1996 x 3
1997 x 3
1998 x 5
1999 x 1
2000 x 2
2001 x 3
2002 x 6
2003 x 12
2004 x 10
2005 x 6
2006 x 7
2007 x 11
2008 x 7
2010 x 6
2011 x 7
2012 x 3
2013 x 3
2014 x 13
2015 x 6
2016 x 13
2017 x 3
2018 x 5
2019 x 5
2020 x 4

Apologies for any inaccuracies but maths is not a key skill for me, as some of you may remember from previous years lol.. but for those of you curious about what you can meet on the day, and when they are from.. this should be a good guide for you :-)

12 August 2020First Broadcast

Our first official event update was broadcast on our t.me/jaguarforumsUK Event Channel today - giving you the latest info on what to expect on the day itself

09 August 2020NEW Event Broadcast Chanel - all the info as we approach the day of our event


As we approach the day of our event you can pick up all the latest info via our new broadcast channel.. info on any traffic issues we are aware of, new or changed features on the day, hints and tips on getting the most from your day with us and more - all the info specific to this years event.

Just register with the following Telegram chanel via this link: https://t.me/JaguarForumsUKeventmanagement

Please note that this service replaces the former SMS text alerts that we used to do.. yep, we've gone digital :-) *and* this is in addition to our existing chat group etc

09 August 2020Latest news update :-)

Welcome to our Friday News and Stats about our event :-)

Yep, I know, it's actually Sunday :-)

Thing have been very hectic in the past week so this weeks update for you is more of a general news update than a stats one I am afraid.

We have just 41 days until our event, and I am still pulling things into place - heres a brief on where we are with things:

I am finally starting to get some confirmations through regarding trade stands.

We now have quite a number of club and group areas you can check out

We have 179 Jaguars and 350 people registered for this years event

Your Welcome Packs are far more informative this year

In view of the difficulties some clubs are having with venues we are working side by side with another event being run by a Bentley Owners Group this year. Two distinct events, but don't worry our event will be the same grassroots event it has always been :-)

We have already booked Sunday 30th May 2021 with Denbies for our anniversary event.

The event team & I will have a number of new features in place for next years event, with some of the changes being announced on the day of this years event - all the features and vibe that you love, but with even more that you will enjoy :-)

We only have 21 places left for this years event - we are unable to increase capacity further as we need to be able to keep everyone safe and well looked after whilst Covid19 is still a big issue for all of us - so if you haven't registered your Jaguar yet you may well be risking missing out.

We have the largest range of models of Jaguar we have ever had, attending this years event, so there is going to be a lot to see.

Considering the issues we have all been up against this year we are in an incredible position with our event - a massive Thankyou to everyone on the event team, and for you, the attendees, for supporting our big little event the way you do - we didn't even think we had an event this year back in May and now we have managed to assemble an event that genuinely exceeds anything we have done before.. Thankyou

Finally a couple of things this year will be different and I need to remind you about them..

The start point at Pease Pottage Services will be a meet and greet service - I will be in the car park there between 8:30am and 10:00am with a big flag with the event logo on it. Track me down, tell me your Access Pass number and I'll give you your Welcome Pack and you are OK to head over to Denbies

We will have a Covid sanitiser station set up at the Organisers stand at Denbies, please make use of it through the day.

Our itinerary is still likely to change due to last minute updates with trade stands, availability of things and so on this year so please keep an eye on the usual online feeds regarding the event and make sure you read the copy in your Welcome Packs on the day so you know what is happening and when.

Have a great week, keep safe, and the team & I look forward to giving you the best Great Day Out for Jaguar Owners we can on the 20th September :-)

04 August 2020What to expect on September 20th

OK Guys,

Various bits of news for you regarding our event so you know where we are with things.

We have now issued 172 out of a potential 200 Access passes for our event, meaning on the one hand that we have a lot for you to meet, see and learn about on the day but on the other hand we are down to just 28 places still available.. I may a little wriggle room on this number but not much - so if you haven't registered yet - this moment in time is the PERFECT time to register. Just visit the 'Register Here' tab at the event website at www.jaguarforumsuk.com

Also, I still have yet to hear from a number of our sponsors however so far we have a very healthy looking prize fund for our prize draw that you will all be in, and our Welcome Packs are growing *but* will be more information based than previous years due to the majority of our sponsors still recovering from the lockdown period.

In amongst the shift in what we have on offer, the itinerary will definitely be shifting around a little from what we currently have listed, so please keep an eye on the '2020 Event' tab on our website, or the News feed there.

Please remember that in amongst the changes this year due to Covid19 and the lockdown you will likely find:

Pease Pottage will be a Meet & Greet - look for a JaguarForumsUK flag, show your pass, and collect your Welcome Pack

At Denbies we will have more marshals than before as we have the Rotary Club assisting us so you should be able to get into the main venue more quickly

The organisers stand (yep me) will have a Covid 19 Hand Sanitiser Station there for everybody from the moment I manage to get on site - additionally we will have a limited supply of masks for those that require them.

This years event is much less trade orientated and much more club orientated taking us back towards club and forum support, which we all depend on as a first point of contact when we have issues

The prize draw depends on you being on site for it and your Access Pass is your ticket in it.. yep, multipurpose passes this year :-)

Additionally we have more awards this year, subject to the pledged awards arriving from our various sponsors, so there will be a lot of judging going on through the day and you are in with a very good chance at them.

Every year I am working on next years event just before or on the day of the current event - and this year is no different except that this year you can book for next years event at this years event!! Yep, the info and application form will be in your Welcome Pack on the day.

Finally, please note that this years event has been the biggest challenge I have ever taken on, and without the incredible event team we now have, and your support year in year out we would not have managed this years event - Thankyou everyone!! The format of this years event may be a little different due to everything that has been going on this year, but I promise you we still have the best Great British Day Out for you possible :-)

Many thanks,

Steve Sheldon

01 August 2020Just 50 days to go - update on models and years attending

Welcome to our weekly stats.. we now have just 50 days until our Great British Day Out for Jaguar Owners, and our event is tarting to take on it's final look.

This week we opened up an additional 50 places, taking us to a maximum number of 200 attending Jaguars, and within 48 hours we were down to just 36 places available - so if you haven't registered for our event yet please do so soon before these last few extra places disappear.

I have been working hard regarding trade involvement - we still have all our sponsors onboard, but very few are actually up and running or feel able to support us this year. We do still have some support though, and I am working on expanding that if at all possible.

At the same time the degree of club involvement has been increasing this year, which is fantastic as the events mantra is to connect you guys with the incredible support network out there and clubs and forums are always the best first port of call - and this year we can connect you with more clubs than ever before.

Our Welcome Packs have been reworked a little - Theresia, my far better and more organised half, has been looking at the Welcome Packs and what we can do, and has introduced some new tweaks you will hopfully enjoy on the day.

Our Welcome Pack Information packs (really poor grammar there :-)) are now 80% complete and should be ready in time, and contain much more information than ever before - again a plus regarding our Welcome Packs.

I have been watching the government statements regarding Covid19, and we are currently still fine and within the law to run, and as you know we are ensuring we meet Track & Trace requirements, and not only have a Covid Hand Sanitising Station at the event but are also including instructions in every Welcome Pack on how to sanitise correctly to W.H.O.standard, and we will have a (limited) supply of masks available on site too for anyone who feels they need the additional protection.

OK, onto the stats for the week....

Our forum threads have now received over 52,000 views
Our Facebook Group now has 1091 members
Our Twitter feed has 880 followers
Our Instagram feed has 1679 followers
We have 165 Jaguars registered, spanning an incredible 61 years of production

Our top 5 countries visiting our event website are (in order of numbers):
1) UK
2) United States
3) Germany
4) Hong Kong
5) Spain

A massive warm welcome to everyone in Hong Kong and Spain - new to our top 5 list.

I know a number of you are likely wondering what models you will see on the day, and what years are being represented on the day - so (subject to the info I have been given, and any errors on my part - plus generations have not been split) here is the breakdown of what you can meet on the day:

By year of production:

1959 x 2
1964 x 1
1965 x 1
1966 x 1
1967 x 1
1972 x 2
1973 x 1
1975 x 1
1990 x 1
1994 x 1
1995 x 5
1996 x 2
1997 x 3
1998 x 5
1999 x 1
2000 x 2
2001 x 2
2002 x 6
2003 x 10
2004 x 9
2005 x 6
2006 x 5
2007 x 10
2008 x 7
2010 x 6
2011 x 7
2012 x 2
2013 x 3
2014 x 13
2015 x 6
2016 x 11
2017 x 3
2018 x 4
2019 x 5
2020 x 4

By model:

D-Type x 2
E-Type x 3
F-Pace x 4
F-Type x 17
F-Type R x 3
I-Pace x 1
Jaguar 420 x 1
Mark II x 2
Mark IX x 1
Project 7 x 1
Project 8 x 1
S-Type x 3
S-Type R x 7
S-Type (Classic) x 2
XE x 3
XF x 15
XFRS x 8
XJ x 5
XJ12 x 1
XJ220 x 1
XJ40 x 1
XJ6 x 3
XJ8 x 4
XJR x 12
XJS x 2
XK x 8
XK150 x 2
XK8 x 17
XKR x 24
X-Type x 5

That's it for this week on the stats front.. please continue to keep yourself, your family and your Jaguar(s) safe, and if you are not registered yet please consider it soon before the last few places have gone. If you have registered - I am doing everything I can to ensure you have a fantastic day out :-)

28 July 2020JUST 53 DAYS TO GO - very latest update *PLEASE READ*

Hi Guys,

I know it has literally just been a few days since Friday (Stats and News day) but a lot is currently going on regarding our event, and I need to update you all on things - if I don't update you now I will likely forget to mention to you guys until Friday as those of you who know me will likely have found out over the years.. yes I remember everything, but if I don't then act on it, I usually forget again lol :-)

OK, onto the news.

We have pretty much filled up our 150 attendee Jaguar slots, as of yesterday! On the one hand absolutely incredible - I genuinely did not think when we postponed the event in May, that we would be so well subscribed for the September date - an absolutely massive Thankyou to everyone - I am doing my very best for you guys to give you the best post lockdown event possible.

This has led to the opening of a further 50 slots.. so anyone who has yet to register for our Great Day Out for Jaguar Owners still can, but with some clubs expanding their allocated areas quite quickly, I would recommend registering as soon as you can to guarantee your slot. This is the very final 50 places as it takes us to the maximum number of Jaguars we can cater for with what our sponsors have agreed to supply us with this year.

As you all know, the lockdown has lead to a lot of businesses temporarily closing, or just working with a skeleton staff, and venues have been in short supply for events such as ours. We were very furtunate in that we were able to rebook our slot with Denbies, and it has worked very well with the timing of lockdown restrictions being eased. It has not been the same story for a number of clubs, and as a result of this we have agreed to loan a section of our field on the day, near the trees at the rear, and the helipad, to the Official Bentley Owners Club. They are in no way connected with our event, and there will be a physical gap between their event and ours.. so nothing is changing regarding our event, the vibe, or what we are up to, however we are doing what we do best and being inclusive, and supportive of the greater community that we are a part of. They will have their own unique passes for access, but will not be included in the awards or prize draw.

Other news for you is that I am just waiting on the preliminary layouts of our calendar to become available, I am still very much on the case with our event sponsors and have managed to get the beginnings of our Welcome Packs pledged and on their way to me, some of the prizes for the prize draw are in the post, and over the next couple of days I am hoping to get 80% of the information pack content of the Welcome Packs printed up for you all with just the itinerary to finalise closer to the date and print up.

If you are a member of a club that would like a FREE club stand plot and maybe a club allocation area please put them in touch with me, as we still have some space available for them, also if you run a business that supports Jaguars - be it part supply, maintenance, servicing or ancilliary services and would like a FREE trade plot on the day please get in touch with me whilst we still have some plots available. Just email me at stephen.sheldon@jaguarforumsuk.com and I can send you all the info you need, and get you booked in.

Finally, I am still in discussions with the majority of our sponsors, so the itinerary is going to possibly change before the day itself - hence I am holding off printing up the itinerary for you until I am sure.

Oh, one last thing, yep always something I forget to mention - as of today Denbies have just agreed to the 'usual' 10% discount in the self service restaurant downstairs in the main building, which is incredibly generous of them in view of the circumstances this year.. Just state you are with the JaguarForumsUK event when ordering your food to obtain your 10% discount on the day.

Don't forget to register your Jaguar for one of the few events still running this year, whilst we still have 50 places available, and if you would like a club or trade stand plot on the day please, please get in touch.

Please keep yourselves, your families, and of course your Jaguars safe wherever you are, and I look forward to meeting you on the day :-)

25 July 2020Our Friday News & Stats update (on a Saturday - sorry)

Welcome to our Friday News and Stats on a Saturday :-) Yes, I am back to my usual timekeeping guys, apologies if you have been looking out for this and wondering where it is :-)

This week has seen a number of things going on.. I have had some more progress with our event sponsors and trade stands, and now have some of the prizes for the day, and goody bag contents on their way to me. I am still very much on the case with quite a number of sponsors either still in shutdown or with staff furloughed - so it is a bit of an uphill battle, but I am getting there.

The number of registered Jaguars has been climbing steadily, and we now have (at this moment in time) EIGHT places remaining - completely unexpected and incredible - a massive Thankyou to everyone for supporting our event I genuinely appreciate it.

I have finished implementing our Covid19 processes for the day. It is important that everyone at the event is safe, so there will be a Covid19 Hand Sanitiser Station at the organiser tent on the day with free hand sanitiser available throughout the day, I and the rest of the team will be policing social distancing, and you have W.H.O. instructions in your Welcome packs covering how to safely and efficiently keep your hands clean & sterile.

Due to track and trace requirements, you will need to be checked in by either myself at the start point, and/or the event marshals at Denbies - remembering to display your Access Pass right through the day as it is the key to both the marshals giving you access and routing you to the correct parking place, and award judges knowing who you are - plus it is your Prize draw entry!

I am really hoping for an incredible day for you guys this year.. upping the ante before our TENTH anniversary event next year :-)

OK, I only have a few of the stats for you this week but here they are, so you know where we are currently:

Our forum threads have received an incredible 51,159 hits to-date
Our Instagram Account has 1667 followers
Our Twitter feed 880 followers
Our Telegram Chat group has 37 members
Our Facebook Group almost 1100 members
And we have 142 Jaguars signed up so far!!

Have a great, and safe, weekend everyone, wherever you are..

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