Latest Event News.

Our event may only happen once a year, but there is always something on the go right through the year. Whether it be competitions, special offers or discounts, sponsorship changes, or even the weather updates as we approach the day itself and it will all appear here



19 August 2019New award sponsorship - hot off the press

We are very happy to be able to announce that JagChat.net have just agreed to sponsor the 'JagChat.net Best Classic XJ' Trophy for our 2020 event - massive thanks to them for their continued support of our event.

So, if you own an XJ - we now have two awards that you are in with a chance of winning on the day :-)

16 August 2019Where are we at the end of another week?

Ok Guys,

It's a Friday and as always it's stats day so we know how we are doing :-)

Our Instagram account has almost 400 followers
Our Twitter feed has over 600 followers
Our website is busier than ever
Our Facebook page is fully subscribed
Our NEW Facebook group has gained over 500 members in less than a week.
We have signed up with a new incredible sponsor and I am waiting to hear from another two potential sponsors.

Neil and Mark have accepted moderator roles on our new Facebook group, helping ensure our group remains a great place to be. Huge thanks to them for this.

And our incredible event Patron Frank Woodford Mbe has added 'Days Out', and a competition for a VIP weekend at The Waldorf to the growing list of what we can do for our attendees and members.

And that is all in the last week! And we have so much more in progress too with the upcoming annual event, our 10th Anniversary event in 2021, and not just connecting with companies that support our Jaguars, but also companies that depend on Jaguars. We have an incredible couple of years ahead of us, so please stick with us as our event has so much more to achieve for you all.

Have an incredible Jaguar weekend on us!


Very best regards,


16 August 2019Competition!!

Our event Patron Frank Woodford MBE has just announced an incredible competition exclusive to members of our Facebook group...

A two night luxury VIP weekend stay for two at The Waldorf Hotel in London!

All the details can be found in our Facebook group.

An absolutely massive Thankyou to Frank, for this incredible exclusive prize for our facebook group members

14 August 2019Just as I thought there was no more news...

As I said, things never seem to be quiet regarding our event and I have a few updates for you.

We have been looking for companies that depend on Jaguars for their business, and we new officially have a second signup.

L & K Funeral Directors have just signed up with us - they have a variety of Jaguars not just in the business but also personally. they will be bringing one or more show cars with them on the day, and I believe will be sponsoring one of the awards on the day for XJ saloons. A massive thankyou to them for their support of our event.

I have been contacted directly by a new Automotive Museum in New York regarding a possible link with us, and I am currently trying to find out if it is genuine.. if so, it could lead to a number of things for us here - but unfortunately I have no further info as of yet for you - but as soon as I know more I will let you know.

Additionally I am still waiting on the conclusion of discussions with another company that are very knowledgaeable about one specific system on our Jaguars - I am hoping they choose to work with us, and will be onsite to meet everyone on the day - but again more info to follow as soon as I have it.

I know you think I have forgotten (yep, you all know my memory too well lol) but I have been thinking on the posters for the event and have some ideas for a very simple, but hopefully effective design - on A4 format - that once done I can supply as a PDF to anyone happy to advertise our event to visitors or customers, and hopefully help increase the number of Jaguar owners we work with, with our event.

As always please keep an eye on our event as we go - I have a lot of possibilities on the backburner that I am working on for everyone, and even if I only manage the usual 50% of what I have on the go we still have an incredible event ahead of us :-)

11 August 2019Our event now does even more for you :-)

OK, whenever I think things should be quiet here it is anything but :-)

Our event Facebook page has hit its limit, and has been oversubscribed with 5000 friends - incredible!

A massive thankyou goes out to everyone involved with our event - without you, we would not have the event we have.

As a result we have started up a new event Facebook group, which will give us more space, ability to advertise events, competitions and do more for you on that channel. Why not sign up free and join us there? You can sign up FREE here.

Additionally there has been a couple of changes as a result, our patron, Frank Woodford MBE is helping with the admin on our Facebook group, and we are starting to offer Jaguar Days Out between our annual events - all the info can be found in our new group or by directly contacting Frank to see what we have available for you. A massive thankyou to Frank for his help in this!

Also, for your info in the past week visitors to our website have been from all around the globe - here are the top five for the past week, in order of number of visits:



01 August 2019Update - new sponsor and other news for you

We have some good news - if you remember we widened the scope of our event this year to not only include people & companies that directly support you and your Jaguar for the life of your Jaguar, but also to companies that depend on Jaguars for their business.

This is an aspect of our event I am chisseling away at currently to widen our scope, as I am sure it is not just me that has no idea of how much of an effect Jaguars have on all sorts of aspects of our day to day lives :-) (wait on the flood of responses telling me it's just me :-))

I have a lot of enquiries on the go with businesses, however I am pleased to be able to tell you that Stoneman Funeral Services have just signed up with us, making them the first! They attended our last event, and gave us all a chance to take a look over the gorgeous Jaguars they use, without having to pass away to do so :-) and to find out more about them. They were so impressed with us that they have signed up with us officially and will be onsite to discuss their cars, and of course the services they can provide should you want to. An absolutely massive thankyou to them for this.

They will be officially appearing as sponsors tomorrow, when I get a chance to update things, but thought I would let you know in advance.

Additionally I have been working on the event website, and have added an experimental page for classifieds - it's free, as is pretty much anything to do with our event, so please consider giving it a go alongside your current favourite choice of places to advertise your Jaguar parts.

Plus, things are still very, very busy with our event Facebook page - we now have over 4,500 friends there and will be running out of available 'friend slots' very shortly. Our LinkedIn profile is expanding as well, hopefully bringing more companies onboard to meet you on the day.

I will be offline next week regarding the event, but will pick up anything in the way of emails, activity etc the following week.. and meanwhile will try to get everything up to date for you guys by the end of Friday night.

Meanwhile please have a fantastic Jaguar week ;-)

31 July 2019New LinkedIn article about our event

We have just published an article on LinkedIn that fills in a little of the history about our event.. Why not take a look here: LinkedIn Article


26 July 2019Latest update for everyone

It's Friday and time to bring you up to date with our event..

I am currently in discussions with Classic & Sports Car magazine, a specialist lubricants company, and a company that specialises in organising incredible driving routes, plus I have been trying to gain an in-road to Jaguar theirselves.. as always no telling how much of all this will come together for you guys, but it is genuinely all on the go, and I have my fingers crossed that I can pull at least some of this off for you.

Our event patron is looking into our options for the tenth anniversary event currently, to make our 2021 event incredible and the showstopper I know everyone wants - no guarantees - but we are working on it :-)

As always, I have not managed as much as I would like - but we are on schedule nonetheless thankfully - most people are working on their upcoming events for this year, and I am sure it is just us working on 2020 & 2021 events for everyone :-)

Please keep an eye on our event - as so much is currently on the go, and could well come into place for us over the next few weeks :-)

If anyone knows a specialist company that they know and trust that may want to get involved with our event please mention our event to them - they will be made very welcome :-)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone, and enjoy your Jaguar!

16 July 2019New domain name and email address

We have changed domain name and email address!

Because our event is not-for-profit and at the same time has had literally no budget for a number of years, we have been running everything under my personal, family domain www.solidlinux.co.uk.

Thanks to an earlier donation from our event patron, Frank Woodford MBE, I have now been able to move us to a domain that makes much more sense.. we only have one email address against it though, as this reduced the cost by quite a big factor..

Our website can now be located at www.JaguarForumsUK.com, and if you want to get in touch please use our new email address of steve.sheldon@JaguarForumsUK.com

A massive thankyou to our patron for enabling this with his donation.

13 July 2019New Sponsor

Please join me in welcoming the first of several new signups for our 2020 event - Jaguar Parts 24/7 :-)

Jaguar Parts 24/7 specialise in supplying components for the following Jaguar models:

XJ40, XJS, X300, X308, XJ6, XJ8, XJ12, XJ81 Double Six, S-Types & X-Types

Please mention our event when contacting them :-)

11 July 2019More 2019 photos

There has been quite a bit of activity in our photo archive with additional pictures from our 2019 event being added in the past few days - please feel free to take a look :-)

10 July 2019More incredible images

I have just backtracked and found a batch of incredible photos taken at our 2019 event by Bert from PVD Approved, and I have just added them to our 2019 photo archive. Please feel free to take a look, and enjoy them here

08 July 2019In Talks

Just to let you know I am in talks with two possible sponsors - I am hoping for good news for us in the next 24-48 hours :-)

03 July 2019Social Media

Our Social Media channels have been incredibly active recently - our Facebook page now has over 2,500 friends, and both our Instagram & Twitter feeds are picking up in popularity.

 I have been updating the website with updated, and some additional information for everyone, and have been working on promoting our club affiliation program, and the sponsorship packages we have for Jaguar orientated businesses.

Additionally I have had positive feedback regarding our new feature, where we team Jaguar owners who are without their Jaguars, with British Jaguar owners that are attending our event, so I am busy promoting that too.

I haven't received feedback yet from Purple Signs regarding our signage, and if I have not heard from them by next week will contact them to see if and what else I may need to supply for them to be able to create our signs for us.

A massive thankyou to everyone involved with our event, in so many ways - without you we would not have the incredible event we have :-)



28 June 2019our Friday Update

Ok, what's happening currently with our event?

Our Facebook following has really picked up in the USA, with a lot of interest in our event from everyone there that loves British Jaguars. A massive Thankyou to everyone for their support.

One Jaguar club in America is happy being associated with us, I am working on getting the details in place, but it is taking a while to organise so details to follow as and when I get them.

We are promoting the option for non UK Jaguar owners to team up with British Jaguars attending - it will take a while for this to have any impact on non UK owners, but it does offer them another option for attending.

Discussions with the Rotary Club in Dorking, regarding their possible involvement with our event are ongoing. More info to come on this as soon as I know more.

I am part way through obtaining the quotes I need for our improved signage - we will have a large banner at the entrance to Denbies for 2020, and logo'd signs in Denbies pointing the right way to ensure you can enter the main event without issue.

I am currently waiting on the Features of specialist companies for you.. please keep an eye on our event website at www.solidlinux.co.uk for when they appear.

I am very aware that our Twitter & Instagram feeds are quiet currently, and they should be continuing with the level of activity you guys expect, but I can only be in so many places at any one time and have prioritised what we are progressing at this moment in time.

Thankyou again to absolutely everyone for your involvement with our event - I really do appreciate your help whether it be just following or friending us, or any of a number of ways you can be more involved with us - without you we would not have the incredible grassroots Jaguar event that we have.

26 June 2019Big in America

Our event is becoming very popular with Americans, and their love for luxury British Jaguars.. we have a huge (and still growing) American following on Facebook now. A massive thankyou to everyone Stateside who has friended our event!

Don't forget, if you can make it to the UK for our next event we can offer you fixed price quality accomodation close to the start point (unique attendee deal) and will team you up with a British Jaguar that is attending, so you will get the full Jaguar experience from the day.

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