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The Tour Themes

OUR 12 carefully-built core themes are designed to illustrate key episodes in the chronology of the Gael in Scotland.  The synopses below give you a flavour of the main features of each tour presenting a short outline of the issues and locations you will enjoy. We aim to offer a seamless thread from pre-history to the present day, so there are elements of overlap between each theme.

If you prefer, we will be delighted to tailor a tour to meet your timescale and objectives.  Where time is precious you could enjoy, for example, a half-day introduction to Gaelic Edinburgh. At greater length you might want to explore all the themes for a real in-depth analysis and detailed voyage of understanding taking perhaps 10 or 12 days.  We are highly flexible and seek to accommodate every request.

Every tour, now matter how short or long, aims to to illuminate the landscape of Scotland from the perspective of a Gaelic speaker and his or her culture and history. Where possible, therefore, extensive use will be made of original materials, particularly story, music and song. 

All tours will appeal to anyone of Scottish descent throughout the world, particularly visitors from North America, including members of clan associations and those moderately well-versed in Scottish history.  There are no lengthy periods of standing nor of walking great distances though participants should be physically fit.  Whatever your needs, each tour will be engaging and entertaining. We promise the experience will be unforgettable.
Read a sample itinerary of a tailored coach tour for a group of up to 15 visitors.  'A Jacobean Soundscape' shows the wide range of options and locations which can be included in a relaxed format to provide a rewarding, highly informative and fully-guided weekend tour.  DOWNLOAD  (PDF format 486Kb). 

The 12 Tour Themes - Synopsis

 1    Genesis

 2    St. Columba's Mission

 3    Viking, Gael - and a Man of Mystery

 4    'Braveheart' and the Wars of Independence

 5    Lordship of the Isles

 6    The 'daunting' of the Isles

 7    The Long 17th Century and Linn nan Creach

 8    Montrose and Alasdair Mac Colla

 9    The Jacobites and Bonnie Prince Charlie

10    Destruction and Clearance

11    Struggle and Recovery

12    Another World - Fairies, Ghosts & Witches

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