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Skye Tablet is Wonderful
I received a selection of Tablet from my brother and his wife as a birthday present. Unfortunately it arrived several days early. After noticing the label I couldn’t help myself and opened the package.

There was one bar of chocolate, one bar of chocolate covered tablet, one packet of plain tablet, a packet of Talisker tablet and a packet of Drambuie tablet. I’m ashamed to say that only one packet will make it to my birthday :(

The tablet and chocolate was wonderful. The flavoured tablet has just the right amount of whisky flavouring to give it a lovely taste without overpowering and detracting from the sweetness. While the chocolate bars were beautifully creamy and tasty.

Each bite brought a little bit of joy and was just what I needed during these difficult times.

Thank you for such delicious products, I will certainly be ordering more soon.

I hope you all keep safe and well.
Posted by William England on 16 June 2020
Skye Tablet
Thank you so much this was delicious. We are staying in Harlosh just now, just opposite where you make this. Our host left us some for our stay which was so kind of her. Such a beautiful place and such lovely Fudge/tablet.
Posted by Gillian Bellshaw on 19 September 2019
Thank you so much Gillian.

So glad you enjoyed the tablet and Stewartfield, it's a great place to stay. Even in bad weather it's lovely just to sit there and take it all in, in comfort.

I wish you the best for the rest of your stay, the weather seems to be improving.
Posted by Andrea on 19 September 2019
Hi! My daughter bought me your tablet as a present - absolutely delicious, just as I remember it as a kid. Tasted all the sweeter as my grandfather and many previous generations were from Harlosh. All the best for your business - I'll be back and recommending to friends
Posted by Donald MacAskill Milne on 02 August 2018
Hi Donald

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am really glad you liked it and it brought back so many fond memories.

All the very best

Isle of Skye Fudge Company
Posted by Andrea Dukes on 05 August 2018
Skye tablet
I was to visit friends on Skye in September but unfortunately couldn't go. The others who did go brought me a gift of your tablet. It's very, very good. Good thing it's cut in small squares, otherwise it'd be gone. But I will be ordering some for Christmas. I hope your business goes well.
Posted by Marilyn on 19 October 2017
Thank you very much! Sorry to hear you didn't make it to Skye this time round, but hopefully another time. Look forward to hearing from you before Christmas - crikey, is it that time already!
Posted by skyefudge on 19 October 2017
Skye Fudge
My sister from Dundee went to Iona, bought your fudge, brought it for us as a reminder of Scotland when she came to Holland for my husband's 80th birthday and lots of us enjoyed sharing it around. "How do they make this?" was a common question. It's delicious! It has been much appreciated. Hope you manage to go on producing it for a long time yet! Regards, Hilary Selles October 2016
Posted by Hilary Selles-Basford on 11 October 2016
Thanks Hilary, Always nice to hear a good news story about Skye Fudge! Even better news that your sister brought it to share!! We'll certainly be cooking for a while yet, and maybe she will have the opportunity to drop by in time for her next trip to Holland :-). All the best, Carole
Posted by skyefudge on 12 October 2016
Hi all
We have just spent a week on Skye from down south in Bedford. I bought a bag of Scottish tablet from the local Co-op at Portree.....absolutely delicious, a taste that took me back to childhood when I must have had something similar on holiday on the Orkney's in the 70's. I have just ordered some and can't wait to taste it again! my children also enjoyed it, keep up the good work, kind regards Alex
Posted by Alex Muirhead on 05 September 2016
Thanks Alex for taking the time to comment, much appreciated.

Yes, Orkney Fudge was one of my favourites when we moved to Skye from Glasgow in the late 70’s, but sadly the elderly owner died and it was bought over.

We handmake about 5 tons a year in four pots at a time, which was quite a scary thought when we worked it out!

Posted by skyefudge on 05 September 2016
Hi Carole and team, received my order this week. Thanks for your assistanace with my order. It was beautifully packaged and of course the tablet is just fabulous. I will certainly be ordering again.
Posted by Meg on 21 May 2016
Thanks Meg, Glad you were pleased with it all and always lovely to pass on nice comments to the team, who dealt with all the orders while I was away. All the best, Carole
Posted by skyefudge on 23 May 2016
Hi Carole, thank you so much for the tablet you sent down to us at Police Scotland at the lost and found department it is amazing you have new fans here thanks again xx
Posted by lorraine on 19 February 2015
Tablet / Chocolate

First time customer. Received my order yesterday and have to say that the tablet is absolutely divine.

Both myself and my daughter loved it.
Posted by Ann on 10 January 2015
Your tablet
My best friend and her husband visited Skye a couple of weeks back and they took me home a bag of your tablet. It was absolutely delicious and extremely moreish! You now have a new convert and I hope that I can find somewhere in Inverness that sells it as it was to die for. Well done and thank you for transporting me straight to heaven. Thank you to Ellie and Ali for bringing a little piece of paradise back to Inversneckey!!!

Keep up the great work and well done to all concerned in the making of such delectable toffee!

Sheila x
Posted by Sheila Mitchell on 25 October 2014
Hi Sheila
Well thank you for posting your lovely comment! glad you enjoyed. We don't actually have anywhere in Inverness, but Stiorehouse of Foulis (a great place for lunch!) and The Larder in Alness stock it. You might just have to come on a day trip to Skye yourself! Cheers Carole x
Posted by Skyefudge on 10 November 2014
September holiday
Posted on 21 October 2014
Best tablet in Scotland!
Posted on 21 October 2013
thanks for the tablet...
Posted on 18 October 2013
Talisker Tablet
Posted on 14 July 2013
Posted on 04 March 2013
Your wonderful tablet
Posted on 20 February 2013
Posted on 24 September 2012
Perfect tablet
Posted on 15 September 2012
Best ever!
Posted on 05 May 2012
Tablet and chocolates
Posted on 17 January 2012
Best Fudge Ever
Posted on 27 December 2011
Fudge arrived
Posted on 11 December 2011
Thank you
Posted on 25 November 2011
So, so good..
Posted on 18 November 2011
Posted on 01 September 2011
Posted on 27 May 2011
Unannounced visit
Posted on 16 May 2011
Wonderful fudge
Posted on 02 February 2011
Wedding Favors
Posted on 30 November 2010
Delicious fudge!
Posted on 25 July 2010
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