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10 July 2011
New Photo page & Page Dropdown menus

The website is now advert free!, we also have our photos on this site rather than a link to an outside source.

There are "dropdown" menus on some links which cuts down on the number of pages we need.

On the right hand side where the adverts were we now have "News Headlines" and "Upcoming Events", just click on any item and it will take you straight to the subject.

The "Blitz page has been changed to make it easier to find the details, it has 2 "dropdown" pages which makes it easier to follow.

The "Photo" page has the same format.

I hope everyone will enjoy the new format and the fact we are now advert free, I feel this site is now ideal for the clubs use and hope we can make it even better, let me know of any changes you would like and I will try and do it.

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