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21 March 2009
Site News

Hi there

A lot of you may of heard about me from Robert, I tend to help him with tech support on the site and I just wanted to update you all with whats happening.

At the moment spanglefish is coping well with the site traffic, however looking at the long term there are a few things missing that could possibly help with adding new content.  The very nature of spanglefish is an easy to set up and maintain website, but to do this there naturally has to be concessions.  This is one of the reasons thats myself and Robert decided to host the photo's on Photobucket, as the current layout with regard to photo's was fairly limited.

One of the biggest weaknesses with Spanglefish is with regard to Flash and Java support.

Due to this, I'm starting work on a beta site on my home PC, which will allow me to design a totally bespoke website, with built in chess game PGN download facilities, online game playback for tuition and hopefully online gameplay.  The majority of this will be in Java, but I'll also be implementing flash for some nice sight and photo animations.  This will hopefully end up at www.invernesschessclub.co.uk and be completely unique. 

This is going to take some time, and a lot of beta testing so please enjoy the current site.  Part of the nature of any good website is the interaction between members, so please feel free to leave feedback or even comments in the Guestbook, with ideas that you think could improve the site.

I hope this whets your appetite for the future of the site.


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