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Green Improvements
03 November 2011

Today saw the completion of a project which has been ongoing for some time.

A few years ago we levelled off the edge of the green in front of the clubhouse but due to cost we could only do one edge.  It was always in our mind to do the same to the other three edges once we could afford to do so. 

The possibility arose of securing some funding  and we went, successfully to secure this and arrangements were made for contractors to come in Oct/Nov 2010 to carry out this work, but, dure to the very bad winter we had last year, the work could not be carried out nor could it be fitted in before the start of the 2011 season.

At last, one year late, the contractors came in and have completed the work, which we hope is to everyone's satisfaction and that the improved green will help to make the game more enjoyable,

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