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SWBA 2 Bowl Pairs Finals
10 August 2008

In atrocious weather the finals were held at Bainfield Bowling Club on Saturday 9th, Sunday 10th August.  Moira, Judi and Yvonne won through their first game, although soaked, and before the second round of games could be played the greens flooded so badly that play had to be suspended for approx an hour and a half.

Again in their second round match they won through, but again later in the day play had to be suspended for a time.  Sunday posed what looked like a very hard game against a triple skipped by Margaret Letham, a player well known in SWBA circles.

Sunday dawned with a serious complication as far as Invergordon was concerned as Yvonne suffered a severe nosebleed which threatened to force withdrawal from the competition.  Despite being advised that it would be better that she withdrew, Yvonnes decided that she was going to play and did so holding a towel to her nose throughout.  This being the case it makes their win over their quarter-final opponents all the better.

At the semi-final stage SWBA officials decided that medical guidance was necessary and an ambulance was sent for and despite protestations it was decided that a visit to the hospital was required.  Yvonne was not happy that the team would have to withdraw from the competition if a substitute could not be found and fortunately Ella had travelled down to show some support and was asked to cover for Yvonne, to which she reluctantly agreed.  There was then a rush to find kit for her so she appeared on the green with clothing and shoes supplied by numerous people and played with Yvonne's bowls.  Despite there being a tremendous amount of support from those in the clubhouse for Invergordon because of the circumstances, the story did not have a fairytale ending and we had to bow out at this stage.  The semi-finals carried on where the competition had finished with rinks being swept with squeegees to remove surface water and then the games being switched on to different rinks to try to help the situation.  Unfortunately the final could not be played on Sunday and so Orbiston and Queens Park will have to meet sometime in the future to decide who the champions will be.

As our girls were leaving the green Yvonne arrived back from the hospital looking a bit more like herself.  As they had a long drive back home the presentation of their medals took place at this time and a medal was awarded to Ella in in thanks for stepping in and allowing the competition to carry on as normal.  When receiving their medals those present expressed their appreciation to both Yvonne and Ella for their efforts to keep the competition going in the quarter-final and semi-final stages.



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