Dear Trust supporter,


Thank you for your support and prayerful interest in the Bethlehem Bible College in recent years. Your encouragement is very much appreciated by the staff and especially by all the students at the College.At Christmas every year the world focuses, as the carol says, on "THE LITTLE (much bigger now!) TOWN OF BETHLEHEM, HOW STILL ( much more bustle now!) WE SEE THEE LIE". 


I am writing to ask you if you would talk to your church community and consider collecting a gift at a special Christmas service - midnight communion, a carol service, Christmas Day worship or a Christmas concert - and send a gift to Bethlehem to the Bible College to support its ministry in the place of the Birth of Jesus.Send a Christmas gift this year from your church community to the place where God's Christmas gift of Jesus was given to our world - to you and to me.


If you are a leader in a church community would you consider supporting this and if you are not on leadership could you please bring it to the attention of your leadership to consider as they plan the Autumn programme and Christmas activities.All gifts and collections (and remember individual gifts can be designated as gift aided and so attract an extra 25%) can be sent to me, to the Hope Christian Trust (Charity reg. 328456) and it will be passed on to the College.


My address is 14, Farthing Combe, Axbridge, Somerset. BS262DR,

(Tel. 01934 733695 or e-mail - hopebethlehem@btinternet.com. for any further information).


Please go on the Bible College web site for information and also to look at details of the CollegeGift Shop. You may like to consider buying some of your Christmas gifts for friends and family from the College Gift Shop. Go to info@bethbc.edu.


With every blessing, 

                                              Rev. John Angle    (For BethBC@UK),October 2017.