hi folks due to an ongoing family problem i have had to disable the website shopping area if you really want to know whats going on head to mcfluffchuckers blog....

because i cant fully concentrate on doing the everyday stuff that comes with running this site i made the decision to put it on hold for a couple of months while i get my head together 

"all orders as of today 2nd november 2013 have been dispatched so please allow a little time for you stuff to get to you especially overseas"

when im up and running again there will be an announcement here and on the blogs and facebook etc 

see you all soon 

peace and love and be good to each other 


We have over 30 years experience in predator flies and predator fly tying.

We give you the hardware you need for making both freshwater and saltwater predator flies.


a nice mcfluffchucker caught scottish pike sporting some new esox 2 body art 



contact us at:




4lb perch caught on a 6/0 longshank hook


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