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Forty Shades of Verse: Sublime Verse Irish Flavoured
Take this book in hand, with Michael's, and enjoy an unforgettable trip through the emerald hills and beautiful women of Ireland. Here you will meet mysterious leprechauns dancing along your path, watch the wild geese fly over head and weep over the sad regrets of love and war.

Crossing O'Connell's Bridge in Dublin, pay your toll and step into the lovely soft arms of The Girl I Met In May and the sweet My Irish Ma Vourneen, for unforgettable memories of love in the blinding sun of youth's embrace and kisses of hopes of forever.

Buy 2, one for you and one for that helpless romantic in your life. Michael Walsh's warm clasp will never let you go.
Posted by Jean on 02 April 2016
Heart To Heart, vol.1
Hi, Michael... I recently received my copy of Heart To Heart, vol.1. I've already read it twice; it's absolutely beautiful...I'll be getting the other volumes. Thank you for being so talented! Best from Susan...
Posted by Susan Campbell on 01 April 2016
Thank You!
Thank you for your beautiful works of poetry, tributes to the European soul and legacy. True art changes the world, and yours is most certainly part of that. We need more people like you in the world. I have great appreciation for the love you have for our people and do hope you will continue on writing for a very long time to come. You are a man of the ages. I am certain your work will forever be remembered, bringing a light to us within the darkness of these troubling times.
Posted by K Veidt on 30 March 2016
I am no poet
I am no poet at all but this one (How Our Children Curse Us) is a good one for sure.
~ Alessandro Revan.
Posted by Alessandro Revan on 30 March 2016
Your Poetry
I have never really been into poetry but I have been reading what I can on Facebook of Mr Walsh. I have enjoyed it that much I am going to Amazon to order one or more of his collections. ~ Brian Gamble
Posted by Brian Gamble on 30 March 2016
Europe Arise
Posted on 29 March 2016
History's Truth
Posted on 09 March 2016
Your book "Europe Arise"
Posted on 05 March 2016
Witness to History series
Posted on 05 March 2016
Posted on 29 February 2016
History Without The Spin
Posted on 31 December 2015
Are the Good Times Really Over for Good
Posted on 05 December 2015
Posted on 30 October 2015
Posted on 29 October 2015
Word of thanks
Posted on 29 October 2015
Thank You for all the Information!
Posted on 26 October 2015
Posted on 24 October 2015
The charm of age
Posted on 19 October 2015
from Canada
Posted on 15 October 2015
The voice of patriotic America
Posted on 13 October 2015
Your interview with Kyle Hunt
Posted on 13 October 2015
A great introduction.
Posted on 12 October 2015
Well Done, Mike!
Posted on 09 October 2015
Thank You
Posted on 09 October 2015
Search for Truth
Posted on 30 September 2015