Meet the team.

Team Leader | Liam Shand
Liam Shand

Co-founder of the group, Liam will always take a sceptical approach to any investigation. He will always attempt to debunk any phenomena before claiming it to be paranormal. He also has a keen interest in folklore and local history.
Lead Investigator | Angela Shand
Angela Shand

Angela is the debunk expert of the team. Analysing all the evidence that comes into the group.

She is also very spiritually minded and another key member of the investigation team.
Historian | Lyn Reid
Lyn Reid

Lyn is the team's researcher working remotely on cases and collating information for both the team and clients. Although a believer, she always looks for a logical explanation to any paranormal activity.
Investigator | Lindsay Rock
Lindsay Rock

Lindsay is an experienced events manager who joined the team in 2021 and has become a key member of the investigation team.
Investigator | Alex Janaway
Alex Janaway

Alex joined the team in 2022 having recently completed a parapsychology course with Edinburgh University.
Investigator | Lindsay Dunn
Lindsay Dunn

Lindsay is a spiritual sensitive and an experienced investigator. She also has experience in event management and social media.
Investigator | Zahra Skelton
Zahra Skelton

Zahra has been interested in the paranormal since a young age and has had many spiritual encounters.
Medium | Mike Murray
Mike Murray

Mike is a sensitive and spiritual healer who joined the group in 2011 after attending several of our open events.
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