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There's a
Greenie Genie About

Welcome to the mystery website

What is about to appear on this website is an unexplained mystery, let us prove to you the power of the Greenie Genie.

You are invited to keep an open mind and form your own opinion.

Follow the instructions below, read them very carefully.

This is meant for a LAP-TOP but don't let this stop you looking.

  • Look the centre of the image at top of the page for about 4  minutes.
  • Your eyes should be about 12 inches from the image - so that you see the image, and only the image.
  • Let your mind go blank - just look at the centre of the picture - just stare into the misty scene.
  • Don't talk or listen to anyone when you are doing this.
  • Try not to blink your eyes.
  • Keep looking at the centre of the picture - and only the centre.
  • Relax - you must relax and let your eyes take over.

It will take a few minutes before you will see something you have never seen before.

Did you see it?

If you have no results, read the above instructions again - this time more slowly and with with more concentration - and try again.

Now ask yourself this question?

Are you controlling the computer - or is the computer controlling you.

The mystery of the Greenie Genie will astound you.  All will be explained in due course.   In the meantime have your friends to look and ask them what did they see?   Compare notes.   Did you both see the same thing?

Why not write in and tell us what you saw?


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