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The brutal war in Ukraine, which broke out on 24 February 2022, has triggered the largest war-related migration of people since the end of World War Two in 1945. This page contains information for parishes of Whorlton Benefice and individuals seeking to respond.

Lend Ukraine A Hand: Our Mission

Imagine being forced to flee your country, house, or family in order to escape to safety. If you were lucky you had time to pack a bag. If not, you simply dropped everything and ran.

According to the definition of the United Nations, refugees are people fleeing wars, conflicts, and persecutions. They are defined and protected in international law, and must not be expelled or returned to situations where their life and freedom are at risk. Helping them is our human and Christian responsibility. Even a little help, a small sense of safety, a bit of food, a shelter or one good word of encouragement can save lives... Lend Ukraine Hand: Whorlton Benefice Project is our respond to the refugee crisis in Ukraine today. 


"Lend Ukraine A Hand" is a project of the Whorlton Group of Parishes, North Yorkshire, working under the auspices of Investing in People and Culture (IPC), a Middlesborough-based charity, which promotes the social and economic inclusion of refugees, asylum seekers, and marginalised communities in the North East of England. This project was set on the 24th of February 2022, the first day of war in Ukraine, and its goal is to assist war refugees from Ukraine to find a safe place in our homes in our parishes. 

Please, read a good article published in The Breaker, which also mentions the work of our Benefice to help Ukrainian refugees to find homes in our parishes in Cleveland.



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