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 Thy hand, 0 God, has guided
 Thy flock from age to age; 
 The wondrous tale is written,
 Full clear on every page; 
 Our fathers owned they goodness,
 And we their deeds record;
 And both of these bear witness;
 One Church, one faith, one Lord. 

Thy heralds brought glad tidings
To greatest, as to least;
They bade men rise, and hasten
To share the great King's feast;
And this was all their teaching,
In every deed and word,
To all alike proclaiming
One Church, one Faith, one Lord.

 Through many a day of darkness,
 Through many a scene of strife,
 The faithful few fought bravely,
 To guard the nation's life.
 Their gospel of redemption,
 Sin pardoned, man restored,
 Was all in this enfolded:
 One Church, one faith, one Lord. 

 Thy mercy will not fail us,
 Nor leave thy work undone;
 With thy right hand to help us,
 The victory shall be won;
 And then, by men and angels,
 Thy name shall be adored,
 And this shall be their anthem:
 One Church, one faith, one Lord.


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