VIANO  LIMOUSINE SERVICE                          


   Prices for the VIANO change from Tour to Tour,


normally about €100,00 extra.

Price by Booking. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Taxi-Limousine Chris Edwards


Travel in my Mercedes S-Class in the `Long Version´

or VIANO, also in the Long Version!

no more cramped legs or feet!


No waiting in queues or getting wet on open train stations.


Arrive at your destination whether it be business or holiday,


In a relaxed and refreshed condition,  instead of tired and Jetlagged!



Holiday and Business time is the most expensive and precious,


use every minute to the full!





Munich Airport to Garmisch-Partenkirchen and return  1-3 persons,€360,00,

4-7 persons, €450,00.

Garmisch to Munich Airport 1-3 persons, €190,00,

4-7 persons €240,00.


Full-day Castle Tour of Linderhof,Neuschwanstein Weisskirche,Oberammergau

and Ettal taking approx 8-9  hours starting and

returning to Garmisch, excluding entry

fees and food,1-3 persons €280,00


Garmisch to Ettal,Oberammergau and

Neuschwanstein then onto the Airport near

Munich €450,00.



Garmisch to Venice or Milan   €650,00

Garmisch to Prague                  €650,00

Garmisch to Vienna                  €650,00

Garmisch to Zurich                   €450,00



 Prices are for 1- 3 persons or 2 adults + 2 children asw,as luggage space is limited.The prices are cash and to be paid in Euros.

If you require a Child Seat please state age and weight of child so I know which one to bring!


 Tel/Mobile  01728306250 or email