GBC third Sunday of the month racing 2023

We are planning to have race days on the third Sunday of each month from April to September. These shall be arranged in three short series of two race days to allow participants to sail different boats or rigs depending on conditions and availability.


Series 1 (April-May)

We managed to finish our first series of races with two successful race days – one in April and one in May. Two significant factors influenced the results. First, the wind in May was literally opposite to the wind in April, and second, Morven returned from university to dust down her Laser and regenerate her racing skills.

In April, the wind was from the South, mainly strong and gusty, but with occasional lulls that surprised everyone. In fact, some boats started with reefed sails anticipating something worse, but eventually shook them out. In May, the winds were from the North, light and very gentle most of the time, with few gusts, but a satisfying lift just when everyone was looking becalmed. The 180° wind shifts did not fool our experienced Gairloch sailors, either. However, the net result was that only three boats effectively appeared unchanged in all races.

As the winner of Series 1 (April-May), Lachlann shows a growing confidence and skill sailing his Topper, where patience and determination are equally required in a boat that is generally behind the rest. Lachlann also topped the rankings for the April races. Coming second overall, Gary in his Phantom is showing improvement every time he sails in it. Morven won the May races showing some canny tactical awareness coupled with some fine downwind technique to come third overall. On both days, there was good sailing from everyone with plenty of competitive moments both off the start line and approaching the finish line. Well done.

The full results are here.


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