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  Hello, my name is Caraline. For 10 years I ran a rabbit and guinea pig sanctuary from my home/farm in Cawdor.

To provide for these lovely pets I did holiday boarding for bunnies and guinea pigs. I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful little pets and their owners over the years.

I have now moved from Cawdor and have taken the remaining sanctuary pets with me. Most are in their last year or so as they like myself are getting on.

I have moved to the Gollanfield area which is just off the A96 between Nairn and Inverness.

I dont have as much space to do holiday boarding as I have 33 bunnies and 3 guineas left in my sanctuary.

I can manage only a few at a time for holidays , this helps to pay for food straw hay and veg, for the bunnies not to mention vet care.

Please phone if you need a safe and loving place to leave your pet whilst you go on holiday.

Hopefully I will have a place available for them.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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