Upcoming Events and Visits

Ferintosh Primary School aims to provide opportunities for pupils to participate in a range of activities to develop aptitutes and attitudes across a range of area

Dingwall Academy Transition visits

There are very often the same questions asked around transition and so this year, Dingwall Academy are offering drop in times for P7 pupils and their parents to come along, ask questions and have a look around. 

Dates for Transition Drop Ins:

Monday 26th March 15:55 – 16:30

Tuesday 8th May 15:55 – 16:30


We encourage anyone who has any questions, worries etc about transition to go along. 


Winter Running Event - 1600 metres - CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

P5-7 will be taking part in a running event at Dingwall Primary on 14th February 2018.  Transport will be by bus and pupils will be accompanied by Miss Reid and parent helpers.  Please remember to bring a water bottle.


Bridge Lessons – Scottish Bridge Union

Bridge lessons have begun again for all pupils at Ferintosh and for pupils in P5-7 at Mulbuie.

Bridge is good for the mind. It is a mental workout unlike any other and is one of the few activities to stimulate both halves of the brain in equal measure. Playing bridge uses and develops logical thinking, inferential analysis, problem solving skills, sequencing, visualization, lateral thinking, long and short-term memory, observation and psychology(or cunning).   Playing bridge can also support development in communication and social skills.