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13 August 2019

Proposed description for U3A new group in Williton, Somerset


A Conversation Café


With the proposed focus of discussing what kind of Community we want to create for the future.


Some suggested topics for discussion might be:


• What is a good life?

• What constitutes a community?

• Who is included in the community?

• How can I be a good ancestor?

• The role of social media

• Different generational needs and expectations.

• Values and ethics and how to live them.

• The environment, wildlife, Guardianship, Caretaking.

• Employment and technology

• History and places of significance

• Commerce and the High Street

• Community assets

• The role of stories in our community


‘Aristotle says we can’t become truly happy unless and until we apply the fruits of our personal self-development to meeting the needs of others. As we each must find our own route to what the Ancient calls the highest good of self-realisation, we also have to choose our own path to the complete good of using our knowledge, skills and wisdom to the benefit of our communities, workplaces, nations and perhaps even to humanity. As we cannot begin to achieve self-realisation until we acquire sufficient experience, expertise, resources and judgement, he notes that only mature people can understand the necessity of applying what they have learned to the benefit of others.’ 

Ref James O’Toole, Creating the Good Life


Alfred Adler, originator of Individual Psychology determined that a person who is mentally healthy, “… has enough energy and courage to meet the problems and difficulties [of life] as they come along.” He connected Mental Health with a feeling of being valued through making contributions that evoke social connection among people.  He explained that behaviour that serves social interest result in Gemeinschaftsgefuhl, a person’s feeling of ease and belonging. 


If you are interested to find out more contact Rosemarie White at Rosemariefct@gmail.com or 077647 41084.

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